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L as Lillian

Today’s letter is one character letter again. Lillian is the main character of one of the short stories I wrote years ago, maybe for a blog challenge, or a competition, I can’t remember.

As all the other short stories I wrote, this one seems either not finished or an excerpt of a book like a few people told me.

As I’m doing these interviews I can tell you I feel a bit nostalgic for some of the characters I’ve used for not so long. I’m almost thinking to try to write a book and make them main characters, what do you think?

FULL NAME: Lillian Hazel

DATE OF BIRTH: 30th of August

PLACE OF BIRTH: PortMagee, Co. Kerry.

FAMILY: Nobody now. She’s alone. But apparently it needs to be like this every two generations.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “Genji Monogatari”



And now let’s meet her and know her better:

Franny: Hi Lillian, you’re very welcome here on my blog! Let’s get started immediately. How’s living alone? As far as I know you’ve been alone for many years, is it correct?

Lillian: I think I’m used to it now, yes. See, my favourite kind of family is the numerous families, but as you told I’m alone, because I’m the second generation. And I feel a sense of guilt when I think about that, because in order to survive I have to be alone.

Franny: Do you have friends?

Lillian: Yes, I have them, but still it’s not the same, you know? You can be as friend as you want with someone, but still, it’s not the same thing.

Franny: But why is that, can you tell us?

Lillian: Simply because we have powers. We pass on generation after generation these powers. Apparently the second generation can’t live with the oldest still in life; the oldest has to die in the fight, bringing with her the generation directly before yours as well. It’s a bit complicated and I have only this sort of diary I’m still looking to decipher. It was written by my grandma, and then her grandma and so on back to the 1500 or so.

Franny: This sounds complicated! And what are your powers? Can you tell us?

Lillian: I can tell you they’re linked with the weather and all the phenomena like thunders and hailing and so on. But if you want more details, I don’t have them! I’m sorry to disappoint you, because I’m still trying to figure them out.  I might be able to hear the dead’s talks as well, but so far I’ve heard only my grandma.  I’m not even sure I want to find them out!

Franny: Why is it so? And do you mean that nobody taught you them before the big fight you were talking about?

Lillian: Yes, that’s exactly the point you see? You become conscious of your power when you’re 21, right? You still have them dormant inside you, or you have them and then they’re sealed…I still have to figure that out. You learn everything alone, or just following the hints in your head that your dead grandma tells you. It’s kind of creepy too!

Franny: Although scary this is interesting as well, Lillian.  I’m sorry we have to stop here our conversation, but I’m sure I’m going to see you again soon! Thank you and good bye for now. And good luck!

Lillian: Thanks Franny. Have a nice day everybody.


So this was Lillian everybody. I know the interview might seem strange, but still you have no idea what a nice inspiration I had while doing that.

I think that it’s exactly what I’m thinking now that will become my next NaNoWriMo project.


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