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K as King Mike

And today I’m going to interview a more pleasant character for sure. Not that was that difficult!  Anyhow, letter K incudes:

  1. Ki, one of the owners of Roasting Ye, the hot spring in the centre of Fire Bloom.
  2. Kai, who is a person working with Julius, he’s one of the nobles allowed into the castle.
  3. King Mike, who’s the king of Eat Here Village, the place that settles on the Curry lagoon.

As you can get from the title, today we’ll know better King Mike.

You have to know that in order to build this character I took the basics from a dear friend of mine, Michael. For basics I mean his love for curry (he could seriously sell you and maybe even his sister for a curry dish!) and his modesty! Sometimes it happens I use people I know to build characters. Like you’ve seen in Hansi, now you have King Mike (I suppose it’d be his dream to live or at least swim for once in curry sauce)

FULL NAME: King Mike

DATE OF BIRTH: 6th Yellow of Wood.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Eat Here Village

FAMILY: Wife, 4 daughters and 2 sons.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “How to live only out of curry” (He’s writing it but he knows already it’ll be a success!)

FAVOURITE COLOR:  All the shades of colour that curry has

FAVOURITE FOOD: “Are you seriously asking me this?” he said

And let’s ask him a few questions:

Franny: Welcome your majesty! It’s an honour to talk to you!

King Mike: Don’t mention it my dear! Here, have some curry dumplings while we’re chatting! Aren’t they gorgeous and delicious?

(He decided I could interview him while he was “preparing a snack for me” so he said, but I hope someone will stay for dinner or I’ll explode!)

Franny: Oh, thanks! Oh yes, they’re very good! So I’ll ask you the first question: even the King in your village needs to be a good chef, isn’t it? Why?

King Mike: Ah ah it is very easy this question! I’m the king of a village chef, right? And in order to be the king I have to be the best one, otherwise I couldn’t be a good king! Does it make sense?

Franny: Oh yes, of course! And according to Fran you’re a great chef. Also she reported that the atmosphere in your village is not formal at all. Can you tell me why?

King Mike: Well, even if I’m the King, what’s the point in forcing people to be formal and tiptoe around me? I know I’m a good king. Hence I don’t have to spread terror to keep people under my reign. If I’ll ever be challenged I’ll know that I made a mistake. But it’ll never happen because I’m the best one!

Franny: Oh, ok. Ok! (Really folks you should see him, this man is gas!) So do you mean that technically it is possible to challenge the king to become king?

King Mike: Yes of course! We’re fair people you know. If you think you can do a better job, then you can challenge the king in a very, very tight kitchen fight and the winner will be made king. And he’ll be or she’ll be, because we’re fair, you know the new King Mike or Queen Mike….the name doesn’t change!

Franny: Oh so what’s your original name then?

King Mike: Actually Mike! I was destined to be a king you know!?

Franny: Last question now, what do you do to relax a bit? Although I don’t really think, if I got it right, that you need some relax time, if you ever wanted some, where would you go?

King Mike: I don’t need relaxing time, as you said, but still I need some time to myself to think about new recipes and stuff. I take a boat and I go as far as I can in the lagoon, where the curry is spicier and I eat the small little fishes only there you can find! There I can think without being disturbed!

Franny: Eating curry and no disturb then! This seems nice. So thanks for your time King Mike and I hope to see you soon!

King Mike: You’re most welcome, dear. And eat something more, you look far too skinny!

I honesty love his point of view, because I’m a lot overweight!

Anyway! I needed someone like him today!

I’ll see you tomorrow again folks, and now I’ll try to eat a bit more of this gorgeous food that King Mike is still cooking!


12 thoughts on “K as King Mike

  1. I like characters that are so narrow-minded and funny like this one. He’s got one thing in mind all of the time, and is positive that he’s the best of the best.
    Overall, a very nice character!

      • Well, if it’s something tiny I won’t tell them! But sometimes it’s too evident! And anyway sometimes they’re happy to be “transformed” into one! See Hansi for example! Plus, you should consider that I work in a tourist attraction, sometimes I’m interested to a nice characteristic of someone I’ll never see again! Check the tag you’ll end up in my novel sooner or later!

      • How funny! It feels nice though, to be able to do things like that! It is the beauty of being a writer: you’re in charge of all the characters!

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