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J as Julius

Here we are with the J. I have a few characters within this letter.

  1. Jack, an old English man living abroad and bound to commit murders because subliminally controlled by a serial killer.
  2. Jane who’s a freak woman, completely nuts.
  3. James Lindt, a Scottish surgeon who becomes a pirate in my pirate book.
  4. Julius, now Cleo’s husband. He’s for a quarter vampire and thinks to be…well you’ll see…

And for today I’ve decided to interview one of the baddies I have in my books! I mean you didn’t really expect they were all good and cute, right?

So here we have Julius!

FULL NAME: Julius Van Zanten

DATE OF BIRTH: 1st Violet of Metal

PLACE OF BIRTH: Castle of Black Dragon

FAMILY: not disclosed.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The art of conquering with violence”



I must admit to be a bit nervous in interviewing him, still I have to if I want to be fair!

Franny: Welcome Julius! 
Julius: Price Julius for you, kid.
Franny: All right, Prince Julius I’m here to ask you a few questions about yourself. Can you tell the readers why your family isn’t disclosed in your file?
Julius: Simply because it’s not important. It doesn’t matter who’s in your family. No matter who stands in your path he or she has to be disposed of, if becomes an obstacle.

Franny: Is it true that you killed all your brothers and sisters?
Julius: yeah and I’m proud of it. As you can see I was the only one deserving the title of prince. Otherwise I’d have been killed!

Franny:  And the same goes with your first wife?
Julius: No actually I couldn’t just stand her. She was cute at the beginning, great body but a part from that, nothing. It was either me killed by the boredom or me killing her!
Franny: Something to be proud of I understand, Prince Julius. And what can you tell me about your combat Partner? He ended up on the other side of the barricade, is it correct!?
Julius: This isn’t a very nice thing to say. He was a weak and coward. When you fight you fight, you don’t start feeling remorse. You just need to leave many bodies around and most of all you don’t need a conscience.
Franny: Well Mahadivas are strong warriors but they have a code and honour!
Julius: This is becoming annoying already.  Mahadivas are weak because of that. My father didn’t manage to win the first big war. But he’s dead now. I’ll show everybody what it means to be a winner. I’ll conquer Sonrisa and I’ll change it to my liking.


You know folks, this was awful. After the last question I just went away. I might not be professional but I couldn’t stand him anymore!

I’ll see you tomorrow with a nicer character! 


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