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I as Iak

And today again we have a nice not busy at all letter.

In fact I have only one character: Iak.

He’s another elemental of fire, friend with Aisolar and Eneru since they were kids.

I know that some of you would wonder by now, why it seems I have only one kind of characters. But that’s not the truth!

The reason why there is such abundance of people from Fire Bloom Island is that I started the adventure of Rainbow D. Fran right there.

Again, you need just a tiny bit of patience and bear with me for a few days more to meet her!

Now let’s go and meet Iak.

 FULL NAME: Iak Energy

DATE OF BIRTH: 3rd Indigo of Fire

PLACE OF BIRTH: Volly Vulcano (His mum was on a trip!)

FAMILY: Lava- Wife, Iak Jr. -Son, Mum, Dad, 12 sisters, 10 brothers and loads of cousins, uncle, aunts and nephews and nieces.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “Be a sparkling Dad. Why and how.”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Chicken Fish Dumplings.


And now a few questions:

Franny: Hello Iak, welcome to my blog! Now we’re pretty lucky to be able to talk to you! You’re risked your life a couple of times lately, right?

Iak: Hi Franny! Yes, indeed! As you said I was captured and brought back to Fire Bloom to be sent in Prison. And when Fran, Aisolar and Cinnamon managed to make me escape I risked to be killed near my home!

Franny: Wow that was close! But who was the person who tried to murder you or at least to make you disappear?

Iak: It was Gas, he was one of my closest friends when we were young, but then he decided to stop talking me after I married Lava.

Franny: Oh, and do you know why was that?

Iak: Of course now I know. You have to focus on something. Elementals are extremely passionate people. Every kind of feeling is stretched to absurd limits. And this is culture. Unfortunately like love also hatred and jealousy is stretched a lot.

It seems that Gas was in love with Lava but she refused him because she was in love with me.

Franny: Oh a passionate crime! I’m sure the ladies here we’ll love it. So what happened? Can you tell us?

Iak: Well, yeah. Basically he tried to control himself for a while. You know, we try to control ourselves lately, because to be honest all the wars and fight happening in my village because our emotions were becoming ridiculous. But after a while he couldn’t stop himself. He kidnapped my family and hid them and then accused me to have murdered them. There was nothing to do but run away, everything was against me.

Franny: And how did you manage to exculpate yourself?

Iak: As I said, I received help and eventually Cinnamon found them hidden in one of the tunnel down the main hall. The tunnel connecting the meeting hall with Gas house!

My friends also managed to cure me. Gas left me almost dead in a very small grotto on the furthest bank of the lake. Well, I was lucky indeed.

Franny: and this is very exciting. Sorry I think it must have been terrible at the time, but you know, I’m a girl and I love happy ending!

So thanks for your time, Iak!

Iak: Thanks to you Franny! Have a good colour everybody!


Now, everybody this is the romantic adventure for today!

Let me know if you want to know more detail about that in the comments!

If my projects will have a good outcome then you’ll hear about more details about Sonrisa from the pen of the already famous Fran!







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