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H as Hansi

Today as I anticipated yesterday is the first characterless letter!

As I promised I’m going to make up a character on the spot. And I promise I’m going to use it as soon as I can.

The H was kind of easy anyway, because I planned already to create him, as I promised to my colleague Hansi.

One day I was at the canteen and I saw him coming at the table with his tray loaded, and mind LOADED, with food. Plates with portions to make Rufy blush, and please notice the following images of Rufy’s snacks to give you an idea.


Said that, I told him that I was going to create a character who eats a lot for one of my stories. He let me use his name as well! Thanks!

I have no idea yet on how to use him, but I’m sure I will sooner or later.

It didn’t really matter his race as well, but thinking about that I decided to make him come from Snout, the island located in the south of Sonrisa’s archipelago, this island is pig shaped and it is, of course, full of pigs!

He’ll be one of the yellow pigs.


And not let’s get creative!


FULL NAME: Hansi Well.

DATE OF BIRTH: 5th Green of Wood.


FAMILY: Mum, Dad, 7 Sisters

FAVOURITE BOOK: “A to Z Cooking”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Beef Chocolate Stew.

And now about the questions:

Franny: Hi Hansi! I don’t know you, so it will be fun I hope! Now, you’re main characteristic I suppose it’s eating. Does it depend on your origin or just because you’re a Yellow Snouter or just because you love it?

Hansi: I suppose it’s just because I love it! Yellow Snouter sounds so stupid, let’s call it as it is. I’m a pig! Not because of it I love eating. I’d love you to see my cousin Erika. She’s so skinny that sometimes we doubt is part of the family!

Franny: So, do you mean all your family is like it?

Hansi: More or less yes! But you see I think I’m the one that ask overtime to my ma in the kitchen! I don’t know why. A part from my sister Lea, everybody in the family is regular size.

Franny: And when did this eating frenzy start? Can you remember that?

Hansi: Oh yes of course! We were travelling, me and Lea, I mean, with my grandfather. He used to be the same size of me more or less. He loved food and brought us travelling thought all Sorisa. The main aim of the travel was to taste all the delicious food there is available around and every single recipe existing in our world.

Franny: Does this have a purpose?

Hansi: Oh yes it has! You know, Snouters, like you call us, have just a few jobs to do, and mainly they’re inherited by their ancestors. But Lea and I are different. We want to be chefs! And maybe the best one. In order to do that we had to try all the food available and try to experiment. You see, grandpa had the same dream but nobody backed him up so he did for us since we were young. I’m sure we’ll manage!

Franny: And aren’t you worried that all this food could kill you? I mean we’re talking about massive servings!

Hansi: No, I’m not worried a bit. We made ourselves a promise, Lea and I, never ever stop running. We decided it was the most comfortable and easiest way to get into the habit of moving. We move very fast and we run everywhere even when we go to bed. We built ourselves a special house on one of the tail island. Every room is in a different place so we can run to, say from the bedroom to the bathroom!

Franny: It’s pretty genius I think! Well Hansi nice to meet you and good luck to you and Lea then!

Hansi: Nice to meet you too! Are you staying for dinner? We have something special tonight!

Franny: With pleasure! Thanks!


So folks, I’m going to be spoiled by the two wannabe chefs tonight! I’ll roll over to you tomorrow!



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