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G as Grace

Welcome back on my blog everybody!

Today we’ll explore letter G!

G has just three characters:

–          Grace, who’s a bounty hunter working with the police, but more juicy details later.

–          Gas is another elemental of fire, working as guard in the Climate Prison. A very mean and nasty character indeed .

–          George, another pirate of my first book. He’s the fictional son of Anne Bonnie.

As you can imagine then today we’re going to interview Grace.

Now she’s a very particular character as she’s aware of something that a person very close to her ignores!

FULL NAME: Grace Marian Hyde

DATE OF BIRTH: 29th February


FAMILY: Mom, Dad and sister.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The Art of War” by Sun Zu, but also all the books by Jane Austen.

FAVOURITE COLOR: Black but also Peach.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Grilled pork chops and beer, but also homemade lasagne and wine.

And now about the questions (not easy to get and you’ll understand why in a while!):

Franny: Good morning Grace! Thanks for coming! So you’re a bounty hunter and you work with the police. Isn’t that one an old job? Do bounties exist still?

Grace: Good morning Franny! Ah yes that one! Well let’s put in this way, I’m a big fan of the old dirty days when people sought criminals for money’s sake! But actually what I do it’s just entering into the frequencies of the police and help them just for the glory!

Franny: Aren’t you scared in seeking the biggest criminals? I mean as far as I understood you’re not looking just for some buglers, but for everything you can find!

Grace: No, actually I’m not. In fact I’m enjoying it. I’m trained to do so. My only problem is when literally my personality is put to sleep!

Franny: Tell us more about that please.

Grace: In a word, Marian! She’s my opposite. We’re of course very close, as all of you can understand, but she’s an annoying girlish almost spoiled kind of girl. All magazines and soap operas, working in supermarket where she’s hoping to meet the love of her life.

Franny: Well, let’s make this clearer for the people that might not have caught the situation? Would you mind to explain who exactly Marian is?

Grace: All right. Marian is my other personality. My theory is that due to the intense training I was undergoing when very little, part of me developed a life on her own denying myself. I know she exist but for some reason she doesn’t know of me!

Franny: And how do you think it’s possible?

Grace: Simply because I manage to come out when she falls asleep, sometimes I manage to force her too. Everybody thinks that she narcoleptic, but she’s not. When she’s unconscious, I’ll take charge!

Franny: Well, this is very interesting indeed! Thank you very much Grace…and well, Marian too!

Grace: Thanks to you all as well! Have a good day! And I’m sure Marian will say hello when she wakes up!

So, I hope you liked it and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be the H, the very first letter I don’t have a character for.

So I’m going to create someone I’ll use sooner or later! 


5 thoughts on “G as Grace

  1. Enjoyed looking around your blog site. Some interesting blogs. I will be back. You can delete the other comment I made. My finger’s slipped on the keyboard and it looks like my comment was just a period.

    • This is actually something I was thinking about but not right in the challenge! One of the characters I’m going to interview in the next few days I’m almost sure will become a regular guest. I’ve been thinking about that for ages! So it might be that sooner or later she’ll interview other people!

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