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F as Fedora

F isn’t a crowded letter either.

In fact I have just two characters:

  • Fedora, the main character of the book I’m writing now. She’s one of my alter egos. Actually she’s basically me.
  • Fernando is the helmsman in the Rogers’ crew. He’s one of the pirates in my Pirate book.

As you can get from the title I’m going to interview Fedora.

Now this is getting a bit creepy because it will be like interviewing myself. Not like, actually, I’m going to.

The reason why I wrote this book putting myself inside is simple, sad but simple. My dad passed away in October, nobody expected it and we’re still pretty shocked. My way of coping is writing and so I did.

In the book I killed my best friend instead, but as I consider him a brother I suppose the range of feelings will mach as well.

So here we go! I always ask random question connected with the story and the character, not thinking much because I think it’s more spontaneous so let’s see what I’ll end up with!

FULL NAME: Fedora Dau

DATE OF BIRTH: 15th of August


FAMILY: mum, dad (in the book I put him because it made me feel better), brother.

FAVOURITE BOOK: Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde 



And now about the questions:

Franny: So, Fedora how do you feel being interviewed by yourself?

Fedora: I should ask you the same instead of answering! But it’s weird, it’s scaring too, because you are forced to answer sincerely and I’m not sure we want to hear everything we’re thinking!

Franny: Yeah, I agree on that! And about the loss you had, how do you feel now?

Fedora: You know what, I have no idea. Part of me still tries to understand. Part of me doesn’t accept it. Part of me tries to cope with the pain. Put in this way, I’m feeling just like a Rubik cube all messed up!

Franny: I’ll give you a break. How do you feel about friendship?

Fedora: Of course friendship is the most valuable thing for me! Close friends are like family and it’s not just an expression I’m using. I mean it. That’s why I chose to kill one of them. The second character instead, Sabrina, is the mix of the other two friends I consider as sisters. I couldn’t live without them!

Franny: What’s writing for you?

Fedora: Writing for me is everything. It’s a way to run away from reality, it’s a way to express my feelings; it’s a tool to vent when I’m sad or I suffer. Writing it’s my life.

Franny: And now last question.  Do you think you’ll write about your dad one day?

Fedora: I don’ know. Although I find writing therapeutic, I’m not ready yet. You’ll see he’s still one of the main characters in this book. We’ll see.

Ok, as the interviewer and the interviewed kind of mixed up, there is no point in greeting and thanking.

I think that’s that!

It was a weird experience but glad I did it!



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