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E as Eneru

And today we’re going to interview the only character I have in this letter: Eneru.

Eneru is Aisolar’s cousin. He’s an elemental of fire as well, of course, and according to Rainbow D. Fran he’s very, very handsome.

Don’t worry you’ll meet the famous Fran in a few days as I going to interview her when the letter R will roll! Aren’t you getting curious about her?


Anyway, let’s get started with the second gentlemen or better gentle-elemental of today!




DATE OF BIRTH: 1st Red of Fire


PLACE OF BIRTH: Magma Village


FAMILY: Mother, Father, 12 sisters and 7 brothers. Plus Aisolar is just one of a huge number of cousins. Well, elementals of fire have numerous families!


FAVOURITE BOOK: “How to build rock swings”. He’s a huge D.I.Y. fan.




FAVOURITE FOOD: Magma Flower shakes.


And now let’s ask him a couple of things!


Franny: Welcome Eneru. Thanks for coming. So you have a big family, this is what we can notice form your file! Don’t you feel suffocating sometimes?


Eneru: Ah ah, you have no idea how many times I’ve already been asked this question. Yes, sometimes I feel trapped and suffocating, but still it’s my family and although it’s huge and noisy I miss them when I’m away.


Franny: Still sometimes you run for freedom or for a break! Where do you go?


Eneru: Well there are several places I love visiting. If I really need time alone I’m going through a long travel and reach Ice Flower, I camp there and I stay as long as my body let me. You can be sure nobody will follow! Otherwise I have friends everywhere in the island and they’re always happy to have me there for a few colours. So if I want to eat well I’m going to the Curry Lagoon, if I want to relax I’m going to Roasting Ye and so on.


Franny: Wow that was a nice a long answer! Let’s move on. I suppose that travelling so much let you have a big knowledge, something that an average person of Sunbeam will die for! Do you like this aspect of your life?


Eneru: Of course I do! Actually if you live in island like mine the real valuable things you can learn are practical skills. You can learn creating fabric and jewels form the fairies, you can learn to do Boiling Sea resistant boats, you can learn to cook in King Mike’s village. There is a lot to learn if you’re willing to!


Franny: And what is it your favourite subject?


Eneru: You have to keep this secret for me, Franny. I love building boats normally, but I found this book about rock swings. Now I’m trying to combine the both of them in order to create something floating on the sea and that is totally different form a normal boat!


Franny: Wow, this sounds nice! I wish you good luck! Now unfortunately we reached the last question: What do you think about Fran, Aisolar’s friend? Eventually we love a bit of gossip too on this blog!


Eneru: Ah (he looks awkward, but I can’t tell if he’s blushing, it’s kind of hard on an elemental of fire!) Fran. She’s very nice, but I can tell you for sure she’s not my type! And not because she’s made of liquorice or something like that. I just think we couldn’t match properly!

Also, I’m telling you, I’m not the one! Trust me!


Franny: Ok, we’ll keep it in mind! Thanks a lot Eneru for your time, you’re very nice!


Eneru: You’re very welcome! Have a nice colour everybody!



So, this was Eneru, a very nice chap from the hottest island of Sonrisa!

I’ll see you on these pages tomorrow!

And don’t forget to tell me in your comments if you want me to ask something to a character or to Fran, considering that I’ve mentioned her already a few times!

I’d love to hear what you think!





8 thoughts on “E as Eneru

  1. Nice to meet you, Eneru. Being a fire dragon myself, my favorites have to be the fire elements. 😀 Thanks for your visit to the Dragon Cave! Have a wonderful day. 😀

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