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D as Dhaval

Here we are with my second crowded letter of the alphabet.

We have:

  1. Dick, one of the characters of the short story I wrote as exercise following the reading of “On Writing” by Stephen King.
  2. Diana is a girl working in the prison where Rainbow D. Fran spent a few arcs, she’s daughter of one Takee and one Dragon and because of that sent away from Funny Jungle.
  3. Damiano, is a character that I killed at the beginning of a story. He’s inspired to my best friend and is seen only as ghost though the entire novel.
  4. Dhaval is a Mahadivas, a member of the strongest warrior tribe of Sonrisa.
  5. David is a pirate. He’s in the first book I wrote in Italian and he’s the son of Mary Read.


But today because I want to change a little bit and for the joy of all the ladies I’ll interview a man!

Please welcome Dhaval.


FULL NAME: Dhaval.


PLACE OF BIRTH: Oasis of Happiness

FAMILY: Unknown, but he’s one of the Mahadivas. Being part of this particular tribe is a complicate way to be part of a family!




Ok, I know that he might seem a boring character but he’s just a Spartan kind of person. Let me show you.

Franny: Good Morning Dhaval, welcome to my blog! Now, I know that you don’t talk much but I want to show people what a fantastic person you are. You agreed to answer a few questions, so here is the first one. How do you feel to be one of the strongest members of the Mahadivas?

Dhaval: Good morning, Franny. Of course I feel honoured and I think it’s the right place for me to be. I couldn’t be in any other place than that. Only high reasons that are deeply connected with my tribe made me change my life style.

Franny: Well, actually yes, from the underworld cave where you used to live to the great and crowded palace of Sunbeam. It is a great change, right? How did you manage?

Dhaval: We’re warriors in first place and we’re trained to change ourselves to get used to new environments and to different situations. The tribe and the mission are the most important things, although this means death. I didn’t care about the change as long as I was focused on the mission I had volunteered for.

Franny: Very well. Can you tell us what your duty is?

Dhaval: I’m afraid no, I can’t.

Franny: Fair enough, let’s talk about the people living in the castle then. Do you mean that you don’t care about them at all?

Dhaval: It doesn’t matter if I care about them or not. What I feel doesn’t count much as long as on the long run I obtain what I want and what I’m seeking.

Franny: Well it seems a pretty sad life this of yours. Have you ever had strong feelings for someone in your life?

Dhaval: I’m answering just because it’s you and I promised not to be too strict. Well there used to be. She was the most beautiful and the bravest woman I’ve ever met, but it doesn’t matter now, because she fell in an endless sleep because of me. This is another regret of my life.

Franny: I’m very sorry to hear that, Dhaval. So let’s see, duty, honour and loyalty are your guide lines. It’s just for you or for all the Mahadivas? And I slip in this half question as well; can you tell us something about them?

Dhaval: Mahadivas are a men tribe and we live to be warriors, to be taught to be brave, to be tough, and to be loyal. We go through a long and painful training to be the man we’re destined to be since we’re three. You cannot be a Mahadivas if you don’t show this characteristics or you don’t accept the nature of the things as they’ve be passed on for generations.

Franny: Wow, I think this is pretty clear. Thank you for your time Dhaval.

Dhaval: Thanks.


Wow, for sure one of the most enigmatic and particular character I’ve ever used in my writing, but you know what, I love him!

And that’s that for today! I’ll talk to you tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “D as Dhaval

  1. What a great idea! Interviewing your characters for the a to z challenge is a great way to introduce the readers to your writing and characters.

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