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C as Cinnamon

C is a letter full of ladies and they’re all from Sonrisa.

  1. Cinnamon is a Spice Fairy, fellow traveller with Rainbow D. Fran (the one that you’ll meet in a few colours)
  2. Cleo is Alnilam’s sister and now queen of Black Dragon.
  3. Ciara is the queen banshee, who’s the one who had the vision Alnilam is involved with.
  4. Cathy, ex-wife of Julius, now poltergeist hunting Black Dragon plains and marshes.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the one that I really was looking forward to interview was Ciara, but she’s not available.

I love the other characters as well but Ciara would have been an honour, I don’t know if I made myself clear enough! I hope so!

Said that, we welcome Cinnamon today.

FULL NAME: Cinnamon Piper Hot

DATE OF BIRTH: 1st Indigo of Metal

PLACE OF BIRTH: Spice garden, Harmony Valley.

FAMILY: Mother

FAVOURITE BOOK: She doesn’t read.


FAVOURITE FOOD: Chocolate honey.


And now a few questions:

Franny: Welcome Cinnamon! We all read part of your adventures, before you guys decided to leave us wondering what happened! Anyway, how do you feel about your choice of travelling with Fran and Aisolar?

Cinnamon: Hi Franny! Let me tell you first of all that we’re terrible sorry that we cut abruptly our telling of the story and I’m sure Fran will start again as soon as she can to fill you in!

About the travel, I must admit that it was the most exciting, scaring and creasy thing I’ve ever done in my life! But I’m happy I had the courage to stick to them.

Franny: Why did you say you needed courage? I mean, considering where you come from you don’t really need courage, I guess. You are definitely brave!

Cinnamon: Well, I say that because it’s always unknown what you can receive from new people! Sometimes you aspect something but you can’t be sure on what you receive. And sometimes people just don’t bother to open up a bit.

Anyway, considering the treatment I received from my own mother….

Franny: I’m sure she meant you good! Would you like to share with the readers what happened?

Cinnamon: Basically what happened was that my mum decided to promise me as bride to one fairy from Bad Bones.

You must know that Spice Fairies are just a female community; there are just a few of us that decide to have a partner for life. We are born in buds or folded leaves.

One colour my mum was going to the temple and she was attacked by a bird which went mad for some reason. And she would have died if she wasn’t for that man to whom she promised me.

Franny: But you didn’t like him? I mean isn’t possible you could be an exception to the rule?

Cinnamon: I suppose I’ll never know. I ran away the colour before the wedding. I’d never met him beforehand.  So there is no way to know what my reaction would be like.

Franny: Do you think you’ll come back one colour? Sorry but I’m a big happy ending fan!

Cinnamon: (She smiles) I cannot be sure. I mean sometimes I find myself thinking about how it could have been, if I made a mistake running away. But then the fear overwhelms me and I probably will never know that. Anyway, we’ll see….

Franny: I hope you will! Thanks a lot for your time!

Cinnamon: Thank you and have a nice colour all!


So this is the post for today! I’ll see you tomorrow!



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