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B as Betty

Today has started early because Maya decided to be well awake around 4.30! As she’s playing I decided to post my letter of the day.

Under B I don’t have many characters, as far as I checked:

  1. Betty, a warrior penguin coming from Penguin Refuge.
  2. Blueberry, one of the sea fairies accompanying Arilla in her travel.
  3. Beatrice, the haruspex living in a shack outside Volterra together with Tuchulcha.

The one that I have decided to introduce in more details is Betty, who was born from my combined passion about penguins, martial arts and cooking!

FULL NAME: Betty Jade Spoon

DATE OF BIRTH: 2nd Red of Water

PLACE OF BIRTH: Taikun (Penguin Refuge)

FAMILY: Father, Golden Bowl.

                  Mother, deceased when she was very young.

                   Aunt (Mum’s sister)

                   Marika, Cousin and best friend.

FAVOURITE BOOK: “Food and Fight”


FAVOURITE FOOD: Focaccia with fried anchovies

And now about the questions:

Franny: Hello Betty! Now, I’m very excited here because I’ve always been fan of martial arts! So when did you start your training?

Betty: Well, I’ve started basically the same colour I managed to crawl! My dad was the master of the village martial arts gym so it was clear to want me to be the best.

Franny: Growing up in such a manly environment, did make you feel sad or missing your mum?

Betty: I was so young when it happened that I don’t remember her…unfortunately. So you can’t really miss what you can’t remember, can you?

Plus, my auntie had always been so nice to me, and she’s like a mum to me. She’s also mum’s sister and, according to father, they look very alike.

Franny: About your final test, in order to gain the higher qualification to inherit your father’s school when time will be. Did you aspect it was such a challenge?

Betty: Honestly, no I didn’t! I didn’t think I’d need help and most of all I didn’t expect that it was that one the key letting me pass the test. I wouldn’t have if I did everything on my own. Such a clever father I have!

Franny: That was pretty clever indeed! Do you think you’ve learned the lesson?

Betty: In part yes, I’m aware now that I’m not invincible and I’m not necessarily the best of the whole Sonrisa. Still, I have my dream of mastering all the martial arts and beat as more masters as I can before inherit the gym.

Franny: Ah ah ah, you’re busting energy! Last question now. There must be one martial art you prefer, one style you love above the others. Which one is that?

Betty: Oh dear, this is hard! Well, I can say that maybe my favourite are the cooking style, the cloths style and the water style. But if I really have to pick one I’d probably chose the cooking fight. It’s because of that that I’m training hard to attend the Fire Element Festival’s Cooking Fight in Fire Bloom next cycle.

Franny: And we all wish you luck, Betty! And thanks for your time!

Betty: Thank you! And be strong, all of you!

So this was Betty for today, I’ll see you tomorrow for the next interview.

Let me know in the comments if you want to ask something in particular to the characters I’ve already interviewed or the one I’m going to see in the next days!



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