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A as Alnilam

Let’s get started with one of the most crowded letters. I’m still trying to figure out the best way of doing this as I’m just a newbie and I count on your comments or feedback.

My theme for the challenge would be introducing some of the characters I made up during the past 6 years of writing, hence letting you see some of my work, I hope!

As I couldn’t decide between an interview and just a presentation of my character I decided to do a mixture of both.

My interview will have just 5 questions to the character.

My fantasy world, Sonrisa, has two recurring numbers, 5 and 7, and although not all my character I’ll introduce here are from Sonrisa, I have to keep it short so I chose to ask them only 5 questions.

So let’s get it started!

Letter A includes:

  1. Arilla, princess of Mories, who travels under the water to meet again her mum in the mythical Death Land.
  2. Alice, adventurous girl, who works in an agency regulating and moderating dreams.
  3. Aisolar is an elemental of fire, who travels with Rainbow D. Fran (you’ll meet her!).
  4. Alnilam, princess of Sunbeam and one of the ladies of the Vision
  5. (King)Alfred is Alnilam’s father, King of Sunbeam.
  6. Angus is a buccaneer in Rogers’ crew. One of the characters of the first book I wrote.


Today I’ve decided to Pick Alnilam. I’ll first introduce her to you and then I’ll ask her five questions.

FULL NAME: Alnilam of Sunbeam.

DATE OF BIRTH: 7th Yellow of Flame.


FAMILY: Alfred- father

                Cleo- sister

                  Siry- mother (deceased)

                 Sonsoles- aunt, Siry’s sister

FAVOURITE BOOK: “The adventures of Flint, the good pirate”.

FAVOURITE COLOUR:  Pink and all the pastel colours in general.

FAVOURITE FOOD: Yellow bacon and dwarf cabbage soup.

And now about the questions:

Franny: Let’s start with a simple one for all the girls reading us. Who’s the love of your life?

Alnilam: (Smiles and flushes) Orion. Orion of course! We thought we were cousins and most of all he wasn’t noble enough for my father, but then as he discovered Orion was here just to protect me and not really a common guy, he gave us his blessing!

Franny: Mostly because he risked a lot to save you anyway, right? Although you were almost dead when he did! How do you feel about it?

Alnilam: I trust him with my life, I’ve always had and I’ll always do. As for the records, eventually he did a very human choice in giving up his elemental part. (She smiles again showing me the little dragon tattooed on the side of her neck). At the beginning I felt guilty about it but then I just appreciated the love into the action.

Franny: How do you feel to be one of the ladies of the Vision?

Alnilam: Well, I’m scared of course, it’s a big responsibility. Although I eventually accepted it, I felt relieved when I learned that I wasn’t the only one. Mostly I feel scared and anxious for my children. (The interview is set after Alnilam became mother). I hope everything will turn out good but I’m scared all the same. I’m aware this is their destiny anyway.

Franny: And now, sorry but I have a mean question. What do you want to tell me about your sister Cleo? Have you ever expected something alike to happen?

Alnilam: (takes a while to answer) Wow, this is actually mean, Franny. I don’t like the subject but I will answer, although briefly. I don’t hate her for what she’s done, if this is what you want to know. The events changed me as changed her, although we can say it was more a matter of her choices for herself. I don’t consider Cleo a sister anymore, that’s everything I have to say.

Franny: Fair enough. Now, the last question. How do you feel in changing so much yourself? Because you did a huge effort in doing so, didn’t you?

Alnilam: Actually yes. It was hard, it was difficult but it was necessary. People were starting to get too involved because of me and I had the choice to remain weak and let others be wound and die for me or switch to the action. It seemed the only logic choice to do.

Plus now I’m a mum and I have to defend my children so I suppose it’s also normal. I’ll teach them that they have to be self-confident and they have to fight, sometimes, for what is right.

Franny: Well said. Thank you for your time.

Alnilam: Thank you, Franny, and I wish a good day to all the readers.


With this I’ll wish you a nice day and I’ll see you tomorrow!




6 thoughts on “A as Alnilam

  1. A great way to introduce your characters and promote your story. I think i will mimic this as I go along. I chose miscellaneous as my category because I was not really sure what I would do in illuminating the 26 letters of the alphabet.

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