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A to Z challenge Project

It’s the 29th of March already and almost time to wrap up the month I can say! But for now I’d focus on news!

My Kick My Butt challenge didn’t go very well this month and, although it pushed me beyond my expectation sometimes, I hope next month to do better.

Now, on the 1st of April I’m going to start another challenge.

Apologies if I didn’t keep my promise, so far, to write about the funny challenge I posted previously but I’m going to do that as soon as I finish this new one! Promise!

I’m sorry but the A to Z sounds so tempting and loads of fun. Plus it will give me the chance to know many other bloggers, hence people sharing my same passion.

Since I would like to show people something of all the huge amount of work I am doing about my fantasy world and fantasy stories, I decided that the topic of my posts will be my writings related.

As a newbie of the challenge I’ll try to follow all the instructions they are going to give us. Also I don’t want to show off in that kind of stupid and cocky way only the newbies can do.

So, what I decided to do is to introduce some of my characters.

I’ve used many characters in my short stories and in my drafts and I decided that I had enough to cover the whole challenge. And after a while I decided to leave out some of them.

After a few days in filling the alphabet list, I realized that some of the letters are very crowded indeed, some have just one or two names and a few have none! My plan B for the empty letters will be create a character I’ll use as soon as I can in one of my next stories!

I was thinking about writing a kind of interview to my favourite character who belongs to that letter, but then I saw the post of today where they asked to keep posts short. Now the real question is, how short? I’m not a journalist, so I might even not be able to do a proper interview!

Which leads me to a second question: would you prefer to see a short interview or just a kind of character file?

I’d love you leave me your opinion in the comments! Thanks! 


What do you think about that?

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