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Paddy’s weekend- Sunday

And last but not least, Sunday!

I’m sorry for the delay but as you can imagine I’ve been working the past weekend!

As I don’t really have anything to tell you about it a part for a stag dressed like the typical, stereotyped prisoners in white and black stripes I’m almost happy of the delay!

So here we go…

When we arrived in work Sunday morning we knew that that day was going to be a bit quieter than the previous two, as there is a parade in the morning.

We were sadly wrong!

We open usually at 9.30 and there were already 10 people in the queue waiting for us to open and as many as that called before 9. We thought that maybe that could be the exception to the rule.

In fact around eleven there were already 675 people in. And believe me, for that day it was a lot. I couldn’t help to think to the old days when I used to work in Blockbuster, and when hundred people seemed a lot.

And now for the parties’ category:

–          There was a group of people and in the middle a lad dressed as a leprechaun and with a lot of balloons attached to his head. I didn’t resist and I went to play with them…

–          This is absolutely my favourite stag party of the weekend. There was a group of strange characters: Elvis, Santa, Jessica Rabbit (it was of course a guy dressed this way), Jesus, a lad dressed like a banana and I don’t remember what else. The one that honestly wasn’t that great, a part for his blue skin, was the stag. He was dressed with a kind of bride looking white underwear and bust. I’m sure he was freezing… I remind you that it was raining and snowing that day.

–          Stag was dressed like Batman and he was surrounded by lads dressed like bodyguards.

And for the funny people around:

–          Something that I really have problem to understand: people rushing when on holiday. There was this snappy guy that basically threw money on the counter, and ran away without map and ticket; I had to call him back.

–          I had this Belgian group on tills. They were very nice and when they’re very nice I told them my lame usual joke “Where is my chocolate?” they laughed and said they ate the lot they had with them because it was cold. So they left me two candies. Actually they were very good!

–          There was one boy dressed like William Wallace.

–          For my own pleasure there were loads of Scots…all of them in kilt! Still I didn’t know how they did in that awful weather but I wasn’t displeased!

–          As we receive customers from everywhere and as they have any background, it happens also that we have some unpleasant episodes. There was a group of lads, who were actually very nice. It turned up being a group of micro criminals and shoplifters….


It wasn’t that busy thought as I had time to think. When I feel frustrated I always start to think and sometimes I don’t understand why I’m not given any responsibility in situation of emergency, we can say, like that weekend. And then I relax a bit and I think that probably people don’t want me to have responsibility simply because their perception of me relating to the job is something superficial.

Now, let’s face the truth, I’m not very interested in advancing career, because what I want to do is become a writer, so why bother? The reason I need the job is to pay the bills and reach the end of the month.

Said that, I found another character of mine but I might write another post about that…this time he’s an Irish pirate!

Forgive me this brief couple of parenthesis. Let’s resume with the review.

Around17.00 we had over4.300 people. There was a brief queue outside but it didn’t last long luckily because, as I said, it was very cold and snowing too. The catering guys started to give hot chocolate to the customers at the entrance again. And this time, as after 17.30 was kind of quiet, I had my generous share of chocolate. It was so good!

Despite the quieter flow of people we closed the day with 4.505 visitors in.

And this number, adding up to the ones of the previous days, helped us to reach the new record: 19.411 people in three days.

Here it is my story of a weekend of hard work!

See you the next time!






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