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Paddy’s weekend-Friday

And finally let’s start to summarize what happened last weekend.

My mum is back to Italy and not being able to bring Maya around because she feels unwell again I can try to report what happened during S. Paddy’s siege to my workplace.

Now I’m not using a strong word here… because if you can’t define a siege of tourist 19.411 people in three days, you tell me what a siege is!

Just let me tell you that because I scribbled again the notes while standing up or between serving customers, the nice and bright portraits of the moment might be a little bit blurred now!

And here we go!

Thinking about that, it might be better do a post for each day, so you can maybe realize the madness! Also, the 16th of March is the test for you to survive in that workplace or perish in the attempt! You’ll understand why later on!

Let’s get it started with Friday 15th of March

There was a moment, a few seconds lasting moment of panic on the 15th morning. I was opening and we knew already that we would live three days of pure inferno, so you can imagine that every single tiny problem would have been seen as of gigantic proportion.

Just imagine now that very morning some of the new uniforms were nowhere to be seen, I didn’t have my new trousers (found them later on anyway. Ah and for the cheeky readers I was wearing the old ones so just hold your jokes!), some staff members where nowhere to be found and the most skilled desk girl we have flew form the second step into the floor. (She was fine immediately she was just scared, no worries!)

The face of the team leader on duty was seriously worried and comical at the same time. Well, you’ll learn how to have a creepy sense of humour working in such a place!

Party-wise it was a poor day:

–          Hen’s party- they were wearing waterproof pea green ponchos and medals with the hen’s face on it.

–          Stag party- yellow T-shirt with Delicious Stag written in black on the back.

But weird people-wise was quite good:

–          I had a couple of stupid little brats on till. They wanted a discount on the entrance price and they started ridiculing themselves “Oh, you know that you look gorgeous with glasses” and the other one “I’m going to kiss you on your mouth if you give me the discount”….now, I’m usually not that strict and I gladly give a discount, in particular if you’re nice…but this…they should think themselves lucky I didn’t overcharged them! But now, you, yes you two, if it’ll ever happen to read this page you know that everybody thinks you’re stupid!

–          A colleague of mine told me that while she went to the loo she could hear two girls crammed in the cubicle next hers doing a pregnancy test. Now I’ll save you the detail of their conversation because I’m a decent person…but com’on, really? Honestly, all the comments I could add are bitchy so you take it this way because is self-explanatory!

–          A man came over to drool on my till while asking tons of questions. Now I don’t have problem with loads of questions, because we’re there for answering and also if you’re old or you have some kind of problem I don’t even have anything against you drooling….but you are one of those people who save the saliva just to spit it while you’re talking or drool on other people counter… you’re just gross!

Everything here came in a kind quiet wave. Final number for Friday was 5.542 people!

I was tired, very tired but wait to see the next day! 


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