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Kick my Butt Challenge – 21st of March

After a few days of absence I’m trying to justify in the other posts I’m writing, I started again with my personal challenge! 

As soon as I’ll manage to catch up with my story about the just passed creepy weekend I’m going to start the other challenge too! Promise!

In the past few days I read a bit, I finished another Audiobook but I didn’t honestly keep track of the number of the pages read as I was too tired!

And obviously I couldn’t write!

Anyway as for today:

Blog post: 1/1

Pages read: 52/20

Words written: 200/150


I think I have to adjust the monthly goals because they are slightly impossible assuming I have to write that amount of words, but we’ll see.

What I wanted to ask you is another thing: do you think I should include the audiobooks in my reading list or not? I’ll appreciate you’ll write down in the comments your opinion about that! 

The doubt is driving me nuts! 


6 thoughts on “Kick my Butt Challenge – 21st of March

  1. In my book, audio books are books too 🙂

    Can’t wait to read about the rest of your Paddy’s Day weirdos!

  2. I don’t see why you can’t count an audio book as a book read…if you were blind, someone might read to you,right?You are still absorbing a story or information.
    Thanks for seeking me out;I guess the half-Italian/half-mostly Irish of me got you?LOL! I also have another blog with 4 other writers:http://fourfoxesonehound.wordpress.com/
    Friday is my day; come visit sometime.I will be checking back in with you and yours,Franny.

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