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When you meet him…

Lately I’ve met a guy working in the offices located on the upper floors of my workplace.

I saw him briefly, just for less than a minute but I immediately thought that I had met him before…

Thinking and thinking and thinking again, I couldn’t remember where.

This was driving me nuts really. Has it ever happen to you that you have an answer on the top of your tongue but it never comes out?

That is the very thing that happened to me.

Only after a day solid of attempts to recall the fatidic meeting I realized who he was and I laughed so much that people around me thought I was crazy! Well, more that they thought already!

Tuchulca! He was Tuchulca, I mean the human representation I did of him in the book I’m working on now!  I decided, in fact, that in his human form he had copper red mane of curly hair and a thick beard of the same colour.


This was the second time it happened to me to meet one of my characters.

The first time was in my workplace again and I was on tills.

I first noticed in the queue his eyes, they were dark grey-green eyes, surrounded by an even darker contour and then when he was in the part of the queue facing me I noticed his dark hair and lightly dark skin. I was so surprised and taken aback that I just said “Orion!” breathing deeply in and not out for a few seconds.

In some way I managed to pull myself together and keep going with my job. Luckily he didn’t come on my till and I soon forgot the episode.


I know that if you thought that I was weird, this post could just confirm that, but my question is: am I really weird or are there other writers out there that met their character by chance in their everyday life?

Ok, I admit it’s not a totally normal thing, but I honestly love it! I feel blushing and also my stomach closing in a knot every time!

The sensation is something marvellous!







4 thoughts on “When you meet him…

  1. Hi there. Wow, that’s amazing. It’s never happened to me but I can certainly believe that it can. My characters have taken so much of a life of their own that I felt something akin to abandonment when I finished my novel. It would be neat to find their human equivalent. 🙂

    • Yeah, it is a weird sensation. Sometimes the problem is when you find one of them but their character is not as similar as their appearance…that’s when the creepy situation starts!
      I’ll write about another one of them I found on my next post about Paddy’s day! He’s so him, but their behaviour is totally different. Still when he talks to me I can’t help to feel weird!

      • My character was inspired by a rock star. I’d watch him perform and inspiration would take me all kinds of places – but to watch him in an interview I was like, ‘wait, you’re not Stephen!’ Ha ha. So I know exactly what you mean. 🙂 I’ll look forward to your new post!

      • Thanks!
        Yeah it is funny also how it is different when you use willingly someone you know and when you create someone from the scratches! When you meet the counterpart human, we can say, you feel different kind of sensation!

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