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French Invasion!

The just passed weekend was to be considered the general rehearsal for Paddy’s day, due in four days’ time! I’m not particularly looking forward to that because I know it will be a massacre!

Just look at the numbers, only Friday we had over 5 thousand people in, Saturday we had over 4 thousand and on Sunday I didn’t check but I’m pretty sure that we were again around 4 thousand!

The reason of this crowd was the six nation rugby match Ireland V France! And I’m sorry to tell that Ireland didn’t win something that someone like me, Italian, would have seen as a double vendetta!

Ok, just joking, but it was a real hell! And number wise the coming weekend won’t be better, I can assure you that!

Before I rip all my hair off I’m going to tell you the nice episodes and the nice stag’s parties we had during the past three days!

Unfortunately it was so busy that I scribbled my notes on my hands while staying at the door and on a piece of paper while calling every next customer on tills, so I probably don’t have much left.

My notes could be laconic…a lot. I trust too much myself in remember the whole thing later, but as matter of fact it’s a miracle indeed I remember my name now! Again, I don’t even dare to think to the next week!

So let’s start, otherwise this post will be just a rant in advance!

Because I’ll rant, you can be sure of that!

…After several minutes staring at the piece of paper….

Oh dear, I was having a look at the notes and they’re bad, very badly written. I mean my handwriting is awful but still I didn’t think it was that bad!!!

Anyway, I can decipher a few things!

About odd people, we always have them, but as I mentioned before, in case of busy days or period the quantity of course increases.

So following there is what I managed to decipher from my notes:

  1. A chap going around with a wooden spoon attached to his coat collar. His friends on tills might have seen me staring at it and tried to tell me something, but I don’t speak French so for me it remains an odd thing.
  2. A group of American students. This guy probably thought to be the smartest and the coolest and maybe even the sexiest of them? He kept that stupid pose, leaning on the counter with his forearm and winking…I can’t stand these people…they give me creeps. He’ll end up in one of my novels, you can bet it!
  3. A group of American girls with their teacher. Now I know why usually students are panicking for nothing…the only thing I asked them was to pay all together in order to do them some discount…. and I had their teacher who went “I’m getting confused now!” for several times. Actually it was the only thing she could say. It took me twenty minutes solid to get paid for 5 tickets!

Then about Stags…I had only those this week.

  1. A group where everybody was dressed as normal and the stag dressed as sexy maid.
  2. A group from Newcastle all wearing black T-shirts on which there was a white stripe with two stags printed on it. Under that there was a writing reading Charlie Stag Ireland.



And the winner for this week is absolutely a group dressed like this:


They used garlic instead of onions but it’s ok! They were a perfect copy!

They are the winners for both categories because the people in that stag group were deadly peculiar!

They were of course all men, interpreting feminine roles as well. I immediately noticed that they could be a group taking costumes from a film or a comic.

Eventually I managed to stop one of them and ask what their dresses were!

They were very well done! Probably the best costumes I’ve seen so far inside the building! 


I’m sure that sooner or later I’m going to watch the TV show….


What do you think about that?

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