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About books.

Ok, I promised you I was going to start today the new challenge I found on the web, but when I opened my chrome and I had a look at new posts on facebook (damn time sucker!) I found out that today is world book day.

They were asking the following question: if you could be a character from a book who would you be?

Actually the first answer is: “I have no clue and I have to think hard on that!”

Can I say something? I still have no clue…I had time to write all the post now, to write a bit of my novel, to have lunch and still my brain is fighting on the best candidate! I’d love to be Sandokan, I’d love to be Alice, I’d love to be the count of Montecristo, I’d love to be Murasaki ….there are so many I can’t decide! Sue me!

Said that, I decided that it was time for me to tell you something about my relationship with books.

I love books, I love collecting them and I’d love sooner or later catch up and reading them all!

I always think that to be a wannabe writer I really suck in reading. I know of people who read half dozen books in a week holiday and I wish I could be that way…

I thought a lot of times on the reason why I cannot fit everything I want to do in one day. Ignoring all the people that had tried to convince me that no human being can fit all that stuff in 24 hours, I kept thinking…I even tried to put on stand-by a few stuff but still I don’t manage.

I know I’m not able to organize, that I panic even when I have written a to do’s list but still that doesn’t explain why I don’t find time to read….but I love it so much!

So I tried to figure it out and I have several hypothesis:

  1. Could be really that I’m doing too many things during the day and I don’t manage.
  2. Could be that I panic when I think about all the thing I have to do and I spend more time to panic instead to pick something randomly from the list and doing that.
  3. Could be that I suck in organizing even two things, let only a whole to do’s list.
  4. Could be because I’m kinda lazy sometimes.
  5. Could be that I waste a bit of time maybe checking facebook or something alike.
  6. Could be that I read maybe 3 or 4 books at the same time.
  7. Or could be all these options all together!

I promised myself to do better every end of the day and I’ll end up in messing up the day after…

Could anybody give me an advice?!

Leaving for a moment the obvious fact that I suck in reading, I really love doing so.

When I open a book I start to figure the images of the story and I live them like a day dream.

I recall once I was trying to remember one film I watched. I could see the scene in my head, the jungle, the pirates and a Portuguese on a hammock. I couldn’t tell the title though. After many days of thinking and searching all my DVDs I realized that it was from a book I read when I was 8 or 9 about Malaysia pirates, Sandokan.

And that’s what usually happens.

I might not remember the quotes, I might not remember the characters perfectly and not even the story sometimes, but I perfectly remember the sensation a book leaves to me.

And this brings me to read them again and again and again…

There are so many books that I’ve read at least twice. I know that doing so leaves less and less time for the new ones, and sometimes I’m sad about that, but still I’m doing so… I can’t help!

Now maybe it’s time I end up here and get doing some serious reading…I’m behind again with book pages count for my challenge!


What do you think about that?

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