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Kick My Butt Challenge

 I’ve done but one challenge so far, but I enjoyed so much that I was desperately looking for another one to do.

I thought about the reason why I liked it so much and finally I can tell that the reason why I loved it is that challenges give me the strength to go beyond that limit that I thought wasn’t possible to cross!

I know, that’s what the challenges do, you would answer.

But I would add that the fact of being public and virtually the fact that you have someone else judging you, help you to remain focused! It was more or less the same when I did my writing workshops, I managed in delivering every week the homework, not thinking I could do them.

For a part of my brain is probably like being back in school, with the only difference that I’m doing something I love, such as reading and writing and blogging!

Soooo I decided to start my own personal blog challenge, and anyone is more than welcome to take it in, just let me know, so I can find also fellow writers around the web!

In setting this me-tailored challenge, I had to consider that I have also a small child and that I work part time and then I have to deal with cooking and let my partner know that I know perfectly well that he exists too! You can imagine than my spare time isn’t that much!

So I tried to figure something that could be easy to take on board and that could leave time for something else!

I hope so at least, but if you have some suggestion and feedback, I’d appreciate them, as this is the first time I’m starting something alike.

So the rules are:


  1. Set daily goal(s)

  2. Set monthly goal(s)

  3. Set yearly goal(s)


Of course give yourself the time to breathe more during the first two! And of course as well give you some goals that you can reach without necessarily end up in a mental asylum before the year is over.

Again, make sure that you set you’re own parameters. For instance, I want to read a certain numbers of books this year, but I won’t include those ones that I started last year….in other words I have to be faster than I am now!

I know we’re starting in March, so this year it won’t be perfect and maybe we should allow ourselves to be less picky!

It’s incredible how I’m giving good advices, but I know already that I’ll be the one not following them…hence ending up hysterical!

So after setting the 3 goals, what you should do is to post every day and every end of the month and every end of the year what you’ve managed and what you’ve done.

The goals can be whatever you want, and as many as you want, as long as you stick to them.

You can add some goals or upgrade some of them as long as you’ve completed the basic version!

There will be probably many challenge out there similar to this one, I didn’t mean to copy in case, I just need to look at it better next time!

You can write you’re accepting the challenge in the comments of the new page I’ll publish in a while, if you’re participating or not, and leave the link to your blog! I’m going to copy and paste this blog entry there too!

You’ll find my reports in the home page instead!



Franny’s goals for 2013


  • 1 blog post a day

  • 20 pages read of a book

  • 150 words written every day at least (blogs post aren’t included)



  • 1book read (I listen to audiobook as well so I hope to increase the number of books this way!)

  • 30 blog posts done

  • 50 pages written



  • 12 books read (the ones finished from last year aren’t valid, they should be books read form cover to cover within the 2013. Even if is one of my backup books!)

  • 360 blog posts written

  • One book completed or something else like blog drafts for the other blog completed.


I would add something should I manage to reach my goals for three months in row.

I know that I set pretty low standards but I can’t even do that for the moment, so we’ll see!

Good luck to all!





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