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News of the day!

If yesterday was a hectic day I cannot imagine today!

Finally after all the cooking and frying I ended up in having this!


 2013-03-04 20.35.30



I must admit that we were only three for dinner but I begin to think that my partner is right when he tells me that I don’t have an eye for proportions!




Today it won’t be quieter I suppose because Maya decided to wake up at 5.30 and to even vomit in our bed…poor thing. I wonder why she’s always sick…

So I’ll try to relax and maybe sleep today…..???????

If I cannot, I’ll find something nice to do!  I just let you know that I found other two blog challenges; I’m going to start with this:


Looking for another blog challenge I found it on Seasons of the 365’s blog!

Whenever I can, I’ll start! Even today if I have time, I’m still reading that pamphlet I received in the mail box and I’m looking forward to share it with you!

Last news of the day is that unfortunately I don’t have much to tell you for my weekly report about strange things happened in work because someone tidied up my table, and of course I won’t find anything until mess will gain power again! Sorry!

I probably have just one episode will I’ll express with paint in the next days! But seriously no much happened! It was normal as usually it is the weekend full of going on!

And yes, you’re right, this blog isn’t written in proper English but I need to vent! Sorry! 


What do you think about that?

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