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What a morning….

…can’t wait to see the rest of the day, really….

I was used to write every day or almost, thanks to the February blog challenge, but now, I don’t know what to put on paper!

At least with the challenge I had a prompt every day but now, not only I have to find a way to write, but also some topic.

Mind, it’s not lack of ideas, I could sell some of them…really the problem is to focus…I have a focus swirling chronic disease I think!

This, or else my DNA chain lacks of something….oh well that could be also true!

What happened was that Maya woke up today very cranky and also very sleepy, so I figured, if she doesn’t want to sleep, at least I can do some chores….like ironing.

I have mountains of clothes to iron around me and yes, I’m writing on the blog, but I needed!

She decided to become extraordinary hyperactive exactly when I began to iron the first shirt, but well, we were there anyway!

I tried to understand that she was tired and wanted to sleep and that she was transforming the mountains of clothes in a waving sea…

Eventually I shouted at her, and I’m so sorry for this…somehow I managed to calm down, I’m the adult anyway, and eventually she managed to fall asleep on a quilt I put on the floor with a pillow and a few of her favourite puppets. It looks fluffy and it must be also very comfortable because she fell asleep like a log!

Now that I’m alone here, a part from this rant I have to figure out what to write!

Actually I started to look on wordpress for another challenge to do, at least when life is so hectic I have something on which I can focus!

The only other problem I have is that when I’m like drowning into the endless to do’s list, I don’t even know where to start because of my focus swirling chronic disease!

So far the only things I’ve managed to to was having breakfast, empty and start to fill the dishwasher, putting the pot for our lunch and iron some shirts and a pair of jeans…in a while will be lunch time…oh well, and I’ve piled up this amount of words too!

I’ve also tried to fill some surveys but I think that I’ve done a stupid mistake in subscribing in first place…I’ll tell you in a another post maybe!

After all I should be happy, right? But the things I’d love to do today still, before maybe relaxing a bit is finishing ironing, do a decent post here, write a few words of my book, unsubscribe to linky something (I suppose another mistake!) and start to cook for dinner…I decided that I have to cook this 


Carne impanata e fritta (Meat with breadcrumbs and fried)

and along with that fried vegetables, but I cut and prepared a ton of them, because they’re so yummy. It will take me something like 3 hours I think to cook them all…balls!! But they’re yummy!

Anyway I’ll stop here and if there is some suggestions on how to tidy up my life or organize it better, you’re more than welcome!

I’ll see you later…I hope!


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