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February Blog Challenge! Day 28.

Day 28: What is your centre? What is it that you bring to the world?

Do you know what? I have no clue!

But I fear this is what it is meant in telling that all chickens come home to roost!

And let’s chicke’n’roll then!

Or almost…I just loved the nonsense I’ve just written!

Now seriously, I’m not able to prise myself, and answering this question means I have to do that, right?

I have a huge problem doing that…sue me!

I suppose I can say that I’m a good person, I don’t harm anybody and I love all those who are around me.

Can I do a list of people I love instead?

Ok, no, off topic again!

Look, my closest friends and my family as well think that I’m a great person, that I’ve done loads of things in my life and that I show my love to my dears.

All the same I think firmly they’re overrating me and I think I’m just normal, or even under the average.

Yes, I came to live in Ireland, but I wouldn’t have done it if my partner didn’t come with me.

Yes, I’m writing but I’m not that great, I’m not published and not even close to it!

Yes, I improved my English, but I’m stuck at the same level and there is no way I can improve, let only a way to get rid of all the grammar errors.

Yes, I’m working for 30 hours a week in 3 days but I have no alternative.

Yes, I mind a 14 months old the rest of the time, but because I don’t have anybody here helping me….

I’ve never travelled around the world, I’ve never met anybody famous, and I’ve never fulfilled the majority of my dreams…

So can you see my point?


Said that, I have to admit that I loved this challenge and I’m looking forward the next one, please let me know if you have invented one or you know about one!


What do you think about that?

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