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Last week’s Monsters News

Here we are again for my weekly report of strange things happening in work. Unfortunately for you I don’t have any stag or hen’s party to tell you about this time, but just a few weird episodes.

Wednesday and Saturday were the only days with something to notify, quite disappointing I know but it can happen until the summer kicks in!
So here we go:
-When I was at the entrance a woman came in. She was elegantly dressed but she had a pen on her ear. Something normal I know, but the contrast with her outfit was amusing!
– A customer followed me in the locker room thinking I was showing him where the restaurant was.
-I was meeting customers at the entrance and a lady from US came in with a paper cup in her hand. She reached the bottom of the stairs and handled me the cup to throw away. I, of course, pointed out the bin closer to us!
-On tills I was serving two customers and one lady popped out from behind them and asked me for a map. I tried to explain her that I was serving other customers but she rolled her eyes apologizing and dashed away.

And for this week as well



Everybody needs to have some self-irony!  At the entrance I saw a group coming in. They were dressed like the troublemakers (ok, I’ll always use troublemaker for them because the other names they use here are not nice!) are dressed here in the area, so I called the security with the radio. I realized only after that it was a tour (of a local troublemaker school though!).

That’s that for today. I’m not working the week end this week so I don’t think I’ll have much for my next post.
Also I’m going to add “funny situation” as new tag because some circumstances are just funny without necessarily providing a character for a book! 


What do you think about that?

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