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February Blog Challenge! Day 25.

Day 25: your family.Introduce them.Even if it’s just a cat.

Now I don’t really like this entry at the moment.

You see, although I have a family on my own now, the people I think immediately to are my mum my dad and my brother. I think and I hope it is normal.

I love my partner and my daughter a lot but I don’t feel to stick to the subject anyway….

I lost my dad just in October and I honestly feel crap, trying to realize what happened, why happened and although I can tell you the facts, a part of my brain doesn’t believe it.

So I should move a notch away from the real biological family and I’m going to tell you about my other family, the one that you’ll always have on this pages tagged as ‘’MySpecialFamily’’.

They’re the two ladies and the man I consider my siblings no matter what. You’ve read of them already but I have the opportunity to introduce them properly.

Silvi was the girl sharing the room with me during university time. She’s midwife and she lives in Italy. She’s the most similar to me and she was the perfect roommate for myself.

Mili is secretary and was in the room opposite to ours in the same dorm. She’s very sweet and she loves cats.

Nani is our little brother panda. I call him like this here because he loves pandas, of course. I met him here in Dublin and it was love at first sight!

They live in Italy and even when I go there I don’t have much chance to meet them, so I miss them very much. But at the same time they’re always with me because they’re in my heart. 


What do you think about that?

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