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February Blog Challenge! Days 23 and 24.

….and again….

Day 23: If you could meet 5 of your twitter friends, who would it be?

Oh boy, you can’t ask such a question because 5 is too selective!
Honestly, the first thing that comes to my mind is a famous person, like Mattew Gray Gubler, but the thing is I’m simpler than that, so if I have to chose 5people they would be:
1 and 2. Mili ans Silvi, my two sisters (not biologically speaking but they’re as good as that!) because I don’t have the chance to meet them very often as they live in Italy and even when I go there is no
much chance anyway
3. Joanna, because we promised to meet for a coffee ages ago but it never happened so far. It is always nice to meet a fellow writer! But we’llmanage sooner or later!
4. Estrella, because along to visit a country that it would be in my bucket list if I have one (I know, I actually should start one sooner or later), I would be able to meet a fellow writer and a fantastic blogger as well! Check yourself! I’m her fan already!
5. Last but not least is SpongeBob, because if we talk fictional let’s talk seriously! I love SpongeBob and sooner or later I’ll tell you why. So, why not, I could go with him to catch jellyfish in the Jellyfish field and then he could cook for me a nice and crispy Krabby Patty.

Day 24: Would you change anything about yourself physically? If so why?

Of course I’d do! And the complete answer would be I’d change almost everything! Now I don’t want to sound like the typical hysterical teenager, but, oh boy, I really suck!
For a start I’m fat! I know that I could do some dieting and exercise but I love too much food and I have no time left to do activity, although I suppose that minding a 14 months old and working part time would do something…I actually hope!
To tell the truth I wouldn’t mind to be a little bit more plump than now if only I didn’t have backache, I was taller and I had the other things which lack I complain about!
As I said I’d love to be taller! I’m just 148cm, right? A freaking Smurf!
Than, I’d love to have darker hair and blue eyes. Actually I got liking the colour I have because my eyes resemble my favourite aunt’s colour, but still if I could choose I would change it!
Then if I could, I would get rid of the mole I have on my eyebrow, I hate that!
I suppose that this is the major changes I’d do, although the real issue with me is the character, but this is another story!


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