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February Blog Challenge! Days 20, 21 and 22.

Oh look! Another summary!


Day 20: Pay it forward today

Well I wasn’t sure about this meaning until I read this nice post! Thanks to Lauren!

I’d say that I do my best to do it every day and hope that my daughter will take something good out of this.

Every day I put an effort in making someone smile, caring about someone or just letting them know that I love them or they’re important to me.

I firmly believe that a sincere act of kindness, even a simple smile, can make someone else’s day and that hence this person brings it on and pass it to someone else again and so forward!

Despite of what you’ll read later about the wedding (more a fantasy sketch really) I believe in simple things!


Day 21: Favourite 5 blogs

I must say I don’t have much time to spend surfing on the web, yet I realize that I spend spamming the majority of the time. I’m not very good in organizing my life…

Someone will say I’m unpredictable, but that’s just the romantic point of view. The truth is that I’m just not able to organize and I’m a terrible time waster!

Said that, I have to admit that I discovered I have 4 favourite blogs…I was surprised myself for discovering that. So please don’t point out I have to choose another one!

I can’t follow them all the time, I admit, but still they’re the ones I have a look at for sure if I have a limited time!

Of course I try to follow the others listed in I like this column, but if I really have to choose…

So here they are:


Just discovered but I love it! Every time I open it I feel like walking in a dream.


My first blog friend ever!


Because I feel like I’ll never end to learn


I’ve known her since University time, and she great, she’s just great!


Day 22: Your dream wedding

I’m not married and if there is something I’ve always dreamed about since I was very young….well, along the other things, it was my wedding.

I’ve never had a perfect or a steady idea of what I would do during my wedding day. According with my growing knowledge and experience the idea was always changing, although I found two steady parts: ceremony and honey moon.

But I can tell that I’m not even sure that this idea it’d make sense but as it is, you’ll have to deal with it!

Assuming that I had unlimited budget and unlimited annual leave at work and geniuses of wedding and catering at my service I’d say that I’ll have a mixture of what I love most.

I don’t need many guests, just my family and my closest friends!

What I’d love it would be a simple Celtic kind of ritual with an oriental twist.

Then the party would mix all the things that I love most, passion for fantasy fiction and books in general included. It could be held in a room like the one you find in the old Japanese castle all paper doors and straw tatami. We would have our meal sitting on the floor and then eating all sort of oriental and medieval-ish dishes.

Everybody would be dressed like a legendary person from the medieval period of whatever country of their choice. Or if they prefer they could pick a writer or one character of their favourite book.

I’m not telling what would be my dress because it’d take me ages to choose one or to write a list of the possible choices!!!!!

Than the cake would be shaped like a European medieval castle.

After that it will start our honeymoon! Considering that it has to be our special travel I have to include my must do things, if I’ll ever do a bucket list they’ll be there. So as a start I’ll go to relax to Orlando and spend days in all the amusement parks over there, then I’d go to Hawaii and from there I’d visit the places where Stevenson went and lived. After that I’d spend some time in Japan to visit pretty much the must see locations.

Only after that I might decide to go back home!

Hey, this is just a draft of the program, it might change and meanwhile I could win lotto!


What do you think about that?

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