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February Blog Challenge! Day 19.

Day 19: Favourite childhood book.

I have to admit I’m a bit ashamed!

I’d love to be a more avid reader than I am now, but lack of time and space makes it harder and harder as the time goes by.

Now when I was young I started to read as soon as I could understand what I was reading. According to what my mum always told me, I was one of the most avid reader compared at least to my friends in my first eight years of school.

Now my favourite writer as child was Emilio Salgari.

He wrote mainly about pirates and buccaneers, and here you have the explanation why I’m passionate about those scurvy dogs!

So stop asking me if I started this passion once Pirates of Caribbean came out, because it is a long lasting passion! Period!

Anyway, I remember that I spent hours reading his books and I can tell for sure that now they’re all mixed in my head so I cannot pick one but thy were for sure my love.

I also have to admit, though, that as I often do when I love a book or a series of books, I tried to read them again, and my disappointment was so big you cannot imagine when I tried them this summer.

Salgari had a bad grammar, he wrote poorly and his style wasn’t that great.

Now as adult and wannabe writer I know that he was forced to publish this way, because if you read the link, you understand that he was just exploited too much by the publishers of the time and this was really sad.

Said that, I also have to add that his imagination was one of the best I’ve ever met considering that he wrote beautifully about places he’d never seen.

During the past years I often thought about that pirate movie I saw when I was young, but then I realized that it was just his writings transformed in picture in my head.

And this is how still reading for me is, I don’t remember details of a particular book but just the sensation it left me! 


2 thoughts on “February Blog Challenge! Day 19.

    • I totally agree! Actually once I got here I discovered him, as in Italy you didn’t have his books! Pity I know! I read almost all of them in two months two years ago, but I’m going to do that again soon, because he’s too good!

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