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It begins to be busy!

As I promised I will update you about the strange things I see during the week in work.

Now Saturday was pretty busy but, as you know, Sunday I was at the A&E, so it’s not very accurate.

Well, I can’t get everybody anyway, because I have to work while watching around me!

But bear in mind that it will be more and more packed with things as the time goes by because the summer is at the door, so the number of visitors will grow fast!

Now for the category

“Stags & Hens”

Nothing on Wednesday but Saturday was busy with groups

  1. A hen group very simple. Very simple, the bride to be had a black band with bride to be and hen’s night written on it with Swarovski.
  2. A stag group, all wearing white Tshirts with the stag’s picture on it, while the stag was wearing the same kind of Tshirt but green. He had 69and stago printed on the back. I was sorry I couldn’t follow them to read the writing but teeth were involved!
  3. Another stag group with black Tshirt with Ireland and Stag do written on it and green cowboy hats.
  4. This was a group a bit different. It was a mixed group, boys and girls from Spain here to celebrate the weddings of a Spanish lady with an Irish chap. They had yellow and red balloons with España written on it.

And for this week…

The stag group coming out from the DC comic! A big group of Robin going everywhere in the building. I was stuck behind the desk but I’m almost sure that the stag was dressed as Batman!


For the category

“You’ll end up in my novel sooner or later”

I’ll include in this category also the people dressed in a weird way and not included in the previous one.

So here we are

  1. On Wednesday a French student group. Almost all the boys had leprechaun hats and beard…nice try but only over 18 can drink alcohol!!!!
  2. On Saturday a very proud man was on holiday to celebrate his 40th birthday. He had an enormous badge and just to remark a very bright T-shirt. I gave him discount!
  3. On Saturday we had one of the Q lovers too. I realized that loads of people love queuing and I’ll maybe do a post about that. This chap went in and started to wait that the cashier was going to open the till. I tried to tell him that he could purchase at the kiosk with credit card already, but instead of doing 5 meters walk he waited 10 minutes.
  4. (Saturday again!) Then we had one person from the huge group called “I do separate holidays with my brain!”


Amexnot working

But although I spent some time doing this awful draw with paint this is not the best thing that happened on Saturday.

It was something that it didn’t even happen to me, but to G., one of the cleaning team!




A girl who sat in the toilet listening to music and singing. They had to wait for her to get of the cubicle before finishing to clean the ladies toilet! 


What do you think about that?

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