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February Blog Challenge! Days 17 and 18.

Another summary, folks!

Day 17: Take an original photo of the city you live in

It wasn’t a good day yesterday so I have no picture for you, but I can describe what I had been through in the city I live in from 3 pm to 9pm!

Maya woke up at 4am with vomiting bug and kept going until we decided to bring her to the emergency department at 3pm.

We then waited for blood tests, urine sample, and IV because she was dehydrated, hoping against hope that they would send us home soon.

Children A&E is a different perspective of the city, very coloured, and relatively relaxing environment. The staffs is amazing, I have to thank them a lot.

Is that enough?!…I’m so tired.

You see, moving in another country is awesome, but I’d suggest you to consider this no side too, if you’re doing a pro and cons list!


Day 18: You dream bedroom

I like this better!

My dream bedroom should be first of all very big and full of sun during the day and very dark during the night.

Ideally it’d have coloured walls, maybe each one of a different colour and full of shelves crammed with books.

On the top of my bed there should be a huge Tao made with wood.


There would be a fairly big window with a nice niche very cosy full of cushions where to fall asleep reading if I decided to do so.

Oh look, something like this would be great! 

I do not own this image!

Nice niche!

There would be also room for a moderately big bookshelf.

The accessories like wardrobe and bathroom can take the eventual space that is left!


What do you think about that?

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