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February Blog Challenge! Day 15.

Day 15: Movie that made you cry.

Oh boy, you should have told me that you wanted to make this hard challenge for me! 

Ha ha ha all right, otherwise it won’t be a challenge…

No, I haven’t had much drink yesterday…I never drink, I was born this way, get over it!

Well, I have to admit that it’s very easy to make me cry because I’m stupid probably. The truth is that ads on TV make me cry as well as movies!

I was telling about today’s challenge to my partner this morning and he told me

“Well, you could say Bambi!”

“No, I can’t because I’ve never seen it!” I said.

“How comes?!”

“Well, they told me the story before I even bought it and I had no courage to watch it!”

“So you’re telling me that you cried before you even watched it?” he asked almost laughing.

I had to bow my head and sigh.

But now if you really want to know which movies managed to be watched by me till the end and made me cry (more than the average and excluding particular scenes inside other movies!) I’ll tell you they’re two…


It’s a classic. I think I’ve cried every single time I watched it. It’s just too sad to admit that two people who love each other so much have to separate.


Grave of the fireflies 

Production of the great Ghibli Studio. I watched it once and then I said “Never again!”, but then I made a mistake and I did it a second time…. “Never” now is definitive!

And because I don’t want to be extremely mean to myself today and because I’ve had enough about sad things I decided to include another movie which made me cry but out of laughter.

Robin Hood man in tights

I love it, and “love it” doesn’t really give you the idea. 

A few years ago they made a mess with TV programs and it happened they broadcasted it 4 or 5 days in row on different channels. I watched all the time. (Mind I knew it already by heart!)

On the third night my partner (who was playing at WOW on the pc was attracted by my laughter and noticed only then I was watching the movie again!) asked me

“Are you seriously laughing that way again?”

“I…yes…it’s…too…funny!!!” I managed to say between the laughs, I was out of breathing…

“I would understand this the first day, maybe even the second…but then…” and then he turned to play again shaking his head!

I couldn’t answer because I was watching for the umpteenth time  Broomhilde falling from the terrace straight into the concrete because her horse, which name is something funny itself but impossible to write down, moved on the side!

Oh dear….

Anyway I’ll leave you with one of my favourite parts (very hard to pick anyway!):


Sheriff of Rottingham: King illegal forest to pig wild kill in it a is!

Robin Hood, Maid Marian: What?

Sheriff of Rottingham: I mean, don’t you know it’s illegal to kill a wild pig in the king’s forest?

Robin Hood: Is it not also illegal to sit on the king’s throne and usurp his power in his absence?

[Crowd gasps]

Prince John: Careful Robin, you go too far.


What do you think about that?

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