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February Blog Challenge! Days 12 and 13.

As you can imagine, yesterday was one of those days I was talking you about! It was busy day with loads of things to do and less time to do them! And even if I had the time to do them, my body decided to be on strike because I was pushing too much, so…the result is that you have two days together in this entry!

Day 12: Your favourite baking recipe

Oh dear, this is difficult too, as everything connected with food!

I actually have several favourite baking recipes and what I decide to bake, it usually depends on what I want to eat at the moment…savoury or sweet things to begin with.

I suppose I can put here what I do more often, one of each kind so nobody will be disappointed!


You need Bolognese sauce and white sauce, both homemade. It’s not difficult at all!

For the Bolognese sauce you need: tomato soup, minced meat, celery, onion, garlic, parsley, carrot and a bit of basil.

You put the herbs in a pan with olive oil. You sauté them and then you add the meat. The point is that all this should be done at high heat because the meat needs to change its colour fast and at the same time absorb the herbs flavours.

Once you’ve done that you add the tomato sauce (if it’s the one with pieces of tomatoes inside it’s much better), low the heat and cook slowly for at least two hours. But bear in mind, the longer the better!

White sauce is easy as pie!

You need a litre of milk and you boil it with salt and nutmeg. Then on the side you mix in a bowl 80 gr of flour and oil. You pour as much oil as you need to turn the flour into a cream. Once the milk is boiled you add into it the cream and you keep stirring on the heat until it boils again. You add some pepper, some parmigiano cheese and some more salt according to taste.

Once you have the two sauces ready you take your lasagne sheets and you put one layer of white sauce and then put the pasta. On that you put Bolognese sauce and then the white sauce and mix them.

You keep going until you reach the rim of the backing tray and then you cook them according on the pasta package instructions.

For your sweet tooth I can give you a recipe very good and fast and easy, even if you don’t have a scale!

Yogurt sponge cake:

You need a yogurt pot of your choice and use the pot to measure the ingredients.

You mix in a bowl

1 pot of yogurt

1 pot of olive oil

3 pots of flour

3 pots of sugar

3 eggs

and a bag of baking powder. (I have some I brought from Italy and I think they’re around 15 gr).

Once you mixed everything you put in the oven and cook it at 180 degrees Celsius for 30-40 minutes.

They both taste yummy!


Day 13: What’s in your make-up bag

This is easy! I don’t have one, so nothing!

I don’t use make-up because I’m lazy and when I used to use it those 3 times a year I always forgot I had on and at the first chance I looked like a panda…so no worth it!

According to many people this is better because I look much younger than I am and I think they’re right!


What do you think about that?

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