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I’m introducing now a new kind of post which I wanted to try for ages. I’m still not sure whether I’m going to keep it here on this blog or I’ll move it on the other one once I’ve settled the topics for the ‘more serious’ blog of mine.

The idea is to post every Sunday evening or Monday morning a piece belonging to ‘Stags & Hens’ or ‘You’ll end up in my novel sooner or later’ tags. I’ll write about what I happen to witness during my three working days.

I’ve been working in a tourist attraction for the past 6 years now, and I’ve seen many things so far. I’ve tried already to put them on paper and hence online and it was fun!

This means I’m going to do that again from now on! It could be a description or something I had a fun drawing with paint or maybe a picture, but that would be rare!

Working with the public is one of the most interesting but also one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life.

Sometimes is just funny to share with other people what I saw; sometimes visitors I meet during my shifts inspire me and I try to keep a vivid image of them in my head in order to use them in one of my stories. Sometimes is just a small detail that inspires me and sometimes it’s everything about them that intrigues me.

Now, last thing I want to say is that you shouldn’t be too disappointed if you don’t read much about them in the next few weeks.

Although sometimes  I would save me the right to introduce something I have witnessed outside work, I’d say that until we’ll be in high season,  there won’t  be much to be written about.

Our busiest period in fact, starts in March with Paddy’s day and then trough the summer is just our entrance vomiting constantly customers coming from all over the world!

Why I didn’t wait then?

Because basically when I want to do something I get restless and at least on this blog I want to relax as more as I can!

 Now let’s start:

‘Stags & Hens’

On Saturday we had this stag group coming in. They were all dressed like sheep, one of them actually came over to my till telling me he was a bit embarrassed.

I told him not to worry because I’ve seen worse, and it is true!

The stag was dress with a blue costume and there was another one dressed like a fox, maybe the best man!?

The sheep who paid the ticket with me told me that they get the inspiration from a nursery rhyme.

I’m still looking for which one, because I didn’t grow up here so it’s difficult for me to get it.

Does anybody know it?


 ‘You’ll end up in my novel sooner or later’

I spent the whole morning in audio guides and there were a lot of people from England because today Ireland plays the six nation rugby match against them.

The problem is that we give audio guides only in Italian, Spanish, German and French as the tour is in English already and we have this sign reading: ‘Audio guides are not required in English. The self guided tour is English audio/visual’

Well, I spent all the morning answering question of people reading this sign.

The question weren’t ‘Why?’ or ‘Where do we start?’….no, too easy!

The questions were something like ‘Can I have the audio guide, please?’ or ‘Where is our guide?’ and you have no idea of the bewildered faces they had when I politely explained them that they won’t get them…..ah, ‘politely’ wasn’t ironic, I had to be! Even at the 100th time the same question was asked.


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