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February Blog Challenge! Day 9.

Day9: The meaning behind your blog name

This is funny; I never thought someone would ask me that!

But, considering I’m very proud of it, I’m happy to tell. 

Well, actually I’m very proud of the great man who gave me the inspiration, not of myself…just to be clear!

I’m sure the majority of you have already got it at first glance; the title comes from ‘Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ written by the great Robert Louis Stevenson.

I wrote my graduation thesis on him and his works and day by day my love for him grew a bit. Studying so deeply his life I realized that we have many things in common and so I just thought that using his surname as pen name would be a nice tribute to his greatness…..ok, I’m getting too romantic here!

Actually this is becoming almost creepy! I’m not even sure that the present tense is the most appropriate!

A-hem as I was saying, that’s why I decided to give this name to my blog, as tribute…on no, here we come again!


What do you think about that?

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