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I finally found them and I’m so happy that I want to share the joy with you!

I’m slow, one of the slowest person in the world, to do basically everything! So I’ve been looking for ages for the headphones of the phone I brought with me from Italy.

Meanwhile I downloaded a nice app for my android: LibriVox. I still have to get how it works, because unfortunately for me, my relationship with technology is pretty poor.

However I downloaded one of the novel on my mobile and I tried to listen to it while doing house chores or cooking. It was pretty disappointing.

The volume was totally low and I didn’t manage to concentrate on the recorded voice…Maya screaming on the background didn’t help, like it didn’t my inability in concentrating on something read by someone else unless I have a copy under my nose!

Something that actually happens even in Italian, never been able to follow properly! 😦

But today was the right day, as I had to do errands alone.

I popped the headphones into my ears and I tried again with the audiobook “The wonderful wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum.

I managed to follow the recording and I save you right here the details on my facial reaction which should have been amazing to see!   In fact, as I was told more than once, everybody can understand what I feel about a book while I’m reading just looking at my facial expressions! But this is another story!

I felt good walking on the street and listening to the story. I had no way to know what people thought watching me, which kind of music I was listening to…I felt like part of a secret society!

I told you I was weird!

I did all my errands and, on the way home the base of the paper bag the butcher gave me exploded, once I added the newspaper and egg on the top of the meat.

There were a couple of girls in the car parked in front of me laughing her heads of!

Once I would have flushed and felt stupid, but not today.

So I checked the eggs, they were luckily still whole, I looked at the girls gave them the thumb up, mouthed the words “They’re fine!” and then with all the things crammed in a plastic bag I had from before, I changed  the audiobook I was listening to this track:

Kansas- carry on my wayward son

I felt good!


What do you think about that?

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