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February Blog Challenge! Day 8.

Day 8: What’s inside your handbag?

Let’s see, this is a tricky question to be honest with you! 

Firstly, it depends on the bag and at the moment I have two bags almost ready all the time: one to go out with Maya and the other one to go out alone, basically to go to work.

A constant characteristic of my bags, though, even when I was younger it was they were filled till they couldn’t be closed. The bigger the bag, the fuller! 

I honestly hate small bags, because they don’t let me bring with me the necessary items I might need once out! I’ve tried from time to time to use smaller bags but I filled them so much that I ended up to move my stuff to the bigger ones, with great discomfort of my mum who always argued that they weren’t matching dress colours or something else I had on me! I actually never minded these kinds of things!

Said that, I can tell you that whenever now I buy a new bag I make sure it’s big enough to contain at least a book of reasonable size, a notebook or at least a few pieces of paper to write in case I have an idea and two or three pens! 

I don’t know why but every time someone presents me with a new bag I do my necessary object check as soon as I can. And it is so compulsive now that if I receive the present at home I do in front of the person as well, hoping against hope that everything fits! 

I know, I’m without hope, but my friends don’t mind it now! 

But if I tell you “Wow I can fit in book, paper and pens!” take it as a huge compliment to your present! 



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