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February Blog Challenge! Summary: days 1 to 6!

After I posted the new blog yesterday I ended up on this nice blog, where I found something I really used to love, even when I started with my tiny Italian blog: blog challenges!

I love blog challenges, because they’re so much fun and most of all you know new bloggers!

Now, I found one on a English speaking platform, and it will be a double challenge for me but I don’t care, it’s fun! 

Now, I’m starting in late of course because today’s already the 7th but still I’m going to summarize the first 6 days here. I’ll try to be as more concise as I can!

But first thing first! The rules:

The Challenge Rules!

Day 1: self portrait.

I hate pictures of me, mainly because every time I pose for one,  once I see it, I find out that I look unpleasant or most of the time I look mean or sad or old or…well I don’t like them!

So I decided I’m going to show you how I usually portrait myself when I want to tell people something!
I promise you I’m going to explain everything about this as soon as I can!



Franny Penguin

Day 2: describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

Well, that is hard! Don’t misunderstand me, I have memories but I have to think about them, because I usually bury them in a far corner of my brain. Dunno why! So here we are:

1. When I was 7 or 8 I used to walk from my place to my Granma’s house every day. When we were close to the mechanic workshop I would pick the camomile flowers which used to grow on the side of his garden and suck it until they lost its flavour. They were so good and had a real camomile flavour, something you cannot find in the bags you buy at the supermarket. I often think about that for some reason!

2. Till the age of 12 and 13 I remember that we used to go to Naples for Christmas and Easter. I remember that mum’s family managed to fill a table of 30/40 places. We used to spend the whole day eating and playing with relatives! I just loved it and I’ve always thought that we lost something when we stopped going there.

3. I always remember how funny it was when I was in the crèche. Chiara, a girl I’m still in touch with, defended our group with strength and cheekiness from bullies (yes sometimes they’re there too! I’ve always been lucky that way!). I’ve always loved this side of her character. 

Day 3: your dream house.

I think that if I’ll ever be allowed to draw the house plans of my dream house the engineer could kill me! I honestly always loved drawing a house I’d like to live into, since I was very young I remember that I loved creating new things! My previously mentioned friend would remember that! I could be flexible on everything but a few areas. Firstly I’d need a library, a huge and tall room crammed with book on shelves tall as the ceiling; here there must be a tea corner, chocolate and biscuits included and a part from a desk to write I’d cover the floor with cushion and puffs and carpets. Secondly my kitchen should be huge, and also I should have a huge dinner table, because I love to have many people for dinner (read again my child memoir number 3). Third I’d want a swimming pool and a nice outside area for sunny days.

Day 4: If you could have a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?

There are many nice superpowers I could wish for, in particular after watching Heroes. But as I am at the moment the only one I wish it would be manipulating the time and space. If I could I would freeze what surrounds me and I would take a break. I’m so so so tired!

Day 5: Name one brand of clothing that best describe your style.

Well, you know what? None. The only style I can label on me is chaos! I wear what I like and if it’s not a brand much better for me. I can say I wear basically all the time something I found comfortable into. I love wide and warm clothes. If you want really to know one of my particularities I can give you the name of the shop I scavenge every new season for earrings. It’s Clair’s chain of jewellery and gadgets. I love buy things there, and maybe sooner or later I could show you my collection! I have basically all the animals, I have rainbows and SpongeBob and even a naked leprechaun! If they’re not weird I cannot wear them!

Day 6: List 10people, dead or alive, you could have dinner with. Include the menu.

Wow this is a nice one! There are many people I’d love to eat with. My only problem is that I have a very strong idea about having dinner with someone, and I think that it will be a nice post too! Wow, it seems as I’m writing posts I get ideas for new ones! 

Well let’s get started!

1. My dad, so I can tell him “good bye” properly, as I didn’t have time when he passed away. It happened too quickly.  I’d say I’d have a dinner with him in a restaurant in Volterra called “L’Ombra della sera”.

2,3,4 (sorry to disappoint you but I usually love dinners with more than one guest) They will be my three best friends. They’re like siblings to me and I’d need them now but this is the bad thing of living in another country. I’d love to have a picnic with them and cook lots of nice food for them.

5,6,7    Eiichiro Oda, Eric Kripke and Hayao Miyazaki because I need to let them know how much I love their work although so different and I’d love to beg Miyazaki sensei to turn one of my stories into one of his wonderful anime. We could eat Japanese curry and sushi.

8 Robert Louis Stevenson. I’d love to tell him how much his life and his works influenced me. I’d have a breakfast under a tree in his house in Vailima to be happy.

9 J.R.R.Tolkien, because I’d love to thank him to have started the genre of writing I so much love and I hope to write. Also I’d love to ask him if it was necessary to do it writing the Lord of the Rings (maybe, yes another post…here you have another one!). We could just eat bread and cheese in an elven wood.

10 Myself in order to check what happened to the better aspects of my past self and to ask what I could do to improve a bit now.


Well, I think that’s that for the summary. I’ll wait for you in the next post!

I’ll see you in a bit!


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