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Weird morning

Good morning everyone!

I’m in work now, yes I know I’m a naughty person, but I felt the urge to write because:

1.  It’s quiet and no many customers are around. Well, the few of them who can interrupt my writing will be less bothering than my daughter constantly climbing my knees anyway!

2. I start thinking too much and I have to put it down and as I’m at the desk, with a nice internet connection I can’t see why not writing straight on my blog instead on a piece of paper.

3. I had to edit my book draft but this seemed just funnier!

4…no, they were just three, I was joking!

Now the most common thing happening to me is the association of ideas and believe me, I do that all the time, regardless the topic! That’s why sometimes you can have a post like this one!

Early this morning, and this is the first doubt I want to tell you about, I was telling my colleagues that I feel weird sometimes about some choices I’m taking regarding my daughter.

I want to make clear that she’s only 13 months now, so she can’t of course take any big decision by herself! Although I believe that she will have to do her choices when she’ll be older I’m doing some for her at the moment. And this is exactly the problem I want to talk about!

My partner and I are both Italian speakers, so that’s the language we speak at home. Of course in the crèche and whenever she is out and about we talk in English.

Here someone might stop me saying that this is good, she would have major chances to grow up bilingual and I agree on that!

BUT, this is a big but, when we’re home often we watch cartoon in Japanese (and of course she can’t read the subtitles whatever language they’re into) and we are going to hire a baby sitter just for random evenings and I asked her to talk to Maya in Spanish.

Now my questions are: am I mental? Am I exaggerating on this?

Maybe so, but a more pressing question popped up in my head: whenever she’ll start talking, will I have to identify the language she’s talking into other than the word itself which will be said in baby talk?

If it’s the case, it sounds scaring!

Now the second doubt I have is less funny and a bit bitter I must admit.

As you now know, I was here at the desk and I took my time to have a look at a few blogs.

Although I love the posts I read I couldn’t help to feel very sorry for me and a bit envious!

I know already that I have to change slightly my character because I don’t really like it in first place but as the time goes by I wish I was in different places and I wish I did more experiences.

I know there are writers who never moved from their study wherever it was, but also I agree on what is said by people who travelled a lot and learned to live in the hard way!

Actually I agree on what it is said about travelling: you live experiencing and thus you can write about life. But for now I’m not doing that….

I don’t even know if my character would allow me to travel the way I’m talking about, and honestly with the job I have and the family structured as is it I don’t even know if it would be possible to do so.

My question is: am I just making out excuses not to move?

To me, having a mortgage to pay, a daughter to grow up and a stable relationship for almost 14 years look like some problems not excuse, but maybe I’m just not able to see beyond!

What do you think?


What do you think about that?

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