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I told you!

Hi everybody,

have a look here! 


The very same day I decided to open again this blog I received this thing into the mailbox! 

I told you I believe in coincidence and this is like serving the post on a silver tray, really! 

It doesn’t matter if you understand Italian and I don’t want to translate it for you! I spare you the sufferings! I know, I know, I’m too good!

What I just want to show and share is the mean tricks Italian political parties are using to have their votes! 

In Italy everybody is saying that all the brains are ran away from the country, so the genius who wrote this pamphlet is stressing this point, telling basically that we won’t proof that we’re smart if we didn’t vote! Shame on them!!!

I don’t care about politics, I never understood much about that but I hate them all anyway!

It’s not just a cliché saying that they’re all the same. At least in Italy they’re all the very same indeed! During the campaign, in order to get as more votes as they could get they  promise you everything: less taxes, more work for everybody, the moon and the stars, a massage in the evening because you broke your spine working to pay their comfortable chair in parliament! But who counts! Then when they’re done and with their pockets full of votes they need, you won’t see anything of what they promised!

And those three in the leaflet are the ones who stay with Berlusconi, you know him com’on, the stupid dwarf whom loads of foreign newspapers decided to describe as the one who screwed the nation!

Oh, oh and listen to this one. Once, one Finnish customer told me that the Finnish party which years ago won the election to be sent into the EU parliament did it with this slogan: Send us to Europe to stop Berulsconi. 

Well, I think I’m starting to talk funny now…maybe I should stand as a candidate for my own party; “Be creative people!” will be my slogan.

And as we’re talking about political election in Italy why don’t follow the traditions?

I’ll promise you ladies that he’ll read your bedtime story every evening!




(If you are Jensen Ackles’ fans as I am, you want to forgive me! I used his pic because I just find it in a book lover page and I loved it and I thought it would help to get the meaning I wanted to give to this post!) 



What do you think about that?

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