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I’m aware that I haven’t written for long on this blog…Jeezzz three years, but I’m tired to give explanation everywhere and all the time so I’ll just go with the flow!

I got this idea coming back from Tesco yesterday! I really want to write on my blog again, but because the other blog I have (here on wordpress too) needs to be serious, well actually just a tiny bit serious than this one, I cannot write right now, so I had a brilliant idea!

Basically what I wanted was:

1. A place where to put my thoughts without problems. This means I’m going to post right away without saving on file! 

2. A place where to write randomly, like on a social network. So you’ll have from three posts a day to none for a month without me feeling guilty!

3. A place where to do grammar errors and experiment writing in order to go back to my normal writing level (which is low anyway, I’m aware of that!)

Mainly I needed a blog again…I’ve being too long away from one and I start to feel sick without it!

Themes and blog posts will vary as I go! Of course!

When I arrived home I realized that I didn’t delete this blog when I decided not to use it anymore and I thought that I was doing the right thing! I believe in coincidences, you know!

And let’s be realistic:  being a mum of a 13 months old and working part time, for the moment this is the only thing I think I will manage to do! But it’s a start! 


What do you think about that?

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