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Art for art’s sake!

I was taught by my sweet panda brother that if you love art, whatever it is, music, writing or painting and so on, you do because you love it… he plays because he cannot live without music, I write because it makes me feel better.

Although sometimes I have a few doubts and I lose the way and the direction, what I’m sure about is that the I love doing that and whenever I’m ready to go back my writing is still there waiting for me!

I think it is something that once you start keeps going deeper and deeper inside you soul untill your heart is completely wrapped by the roots of arts. Yes, I think that this is the right image…

I’ve started thinking like that since I realised that this is the way I want to follow. For example, I decided to follow the advice to take one week break to relax and recharge the batteries, but at the end of the week doing nothing was becoming heavier and heavier, all the ideas were popping up like mushrooms after a storm and start to swirl around my head becoming a storm themselves. At the end of this relaxing-I’m_not_doing_anything week I had two short stories in my files started and a loads of ideas for Sonrisa, my fantasy world!

Anyway all this bla bla bla was originated by an X factor episode. I was translating some stuff at the computer and I switched on the tv to have some background noise to keep me company! I’ll end up  on X factor, it is music anyway!

On the initial 200 contestant only a bunch of them were chosen…but only maybe two or three of them in the interviews told that he or she was doing it for the love of music itself…the majority of them answered things like “I want to be a star” ” I want to to be rich”.

Is it really a good thing? Where is the love for the art in all this? Are we, me and my brother panda, wrong or romantic to love the art itself?

What do you think?


One thought on “Art for art’s sake!

  1. I also think that love for the arts is the most important, it’s certainly why I write 🙂
    And don’t worry, us writers have our minds working overtime all the time I guess as I’m not one to be able to fully kick back and take a break, but a bit of time can be very helpful. Just keep a notebook near and jot down all ideas for later expanding 😉

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