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I’m back…this time for real!

And I’m back…seriously this time! I don’t know why exactly, but when I start a project like the one of reporting my holiday, for some reason I have problems in keep going. I should write everything in one go, or maybe go around with my laptop instead of the notebook, so I wouldn’t need time to copy, which is always the major problem.

Considering that the second trip could be told in only one post and is more recent I’ll tell you this and I promise I’ll finish the previous one too…honestly I want to share that with you too!

I love the technique I used the previous time too, so I’m going to use here as well.

This time I went to a wedding. The sister of my little sister Silvi’s wedding! It was in Ariano Irpino, southern Italy.

3 September 2010

I’m here again after 4 years. I have inside me such a mixture of feelings that it’s hard to describe! Nostalgia, happiness, excitement, anxiety and many more.

Anna just came over to the airport to collect us and we went together to eat pizza! I haven’t eaten that pizza for ages and I still love it.

Meeting Anna after so long was so exciting; I lived in her place for a while when doing my last exams at University and honestly this was my first jump in the past!

I even forgot my partner in the in the car, closing the door before he came out! Shame on me!

And after that I met one of my two sisters, Silvi! After three years! That was the second jump in the past!

Strangely enough I didn’t feel in a particular nostalgic way…I just felt like we met the day before for the last time. It’s incredible like a felt at ease like within my family with them.

At Silvi’s house was the same and my partner too was warmly welcomed. It was amazing. It was such an awesome feeling that I just didn’t want it ended.

And what about my little Silvi, there is obviously a reason why she’s a sister to me. It’s seriously like we grew up together.

On the 4th there was the wedding. Such a party and confusion that I couldn’t write a word, so I did the next day!

5 September 2010

Yesterday there wasn’t time to put two words on the paper but it was amazing.

I remember I have been already to a wedding, but this was magnificent and I had so much fun that I cannot believe it actually happened, but what it was sure was that I really needed such a time. I needed to relax, not to think, to have a fun, to laugh, not to worry.

I met old people I knew that welcomed me in such a magnificent way that was moving and I knew new fantastic people who will be probably friends from now on.

I loved it, the whole! The being involved in everything that happened, dancing with bare foot on the ground because my shoes were too high and my feet too sore, being called for assistance, being asked for help and advice, feeling too wanted by other people. All that was a great and a fulfilling situation.

After that I didn’t write anything else and not because I was bored or I didn’t have anything to write. The 5th was the day when I met my other sister, Mili. It’s quite impossible describe in a page how I felt meeting her and stay with the two of them together, spend the day to speak and have a fun and unfortunately also to have a bad news.

I’m warning you…yes YOU, if you’ll ever make my sister suffer like that again, I’m going to throw you from the Cliff of Moher.

I was there just for three days but I relaxed a lot and most of all I remembered something I usually forgot too fast:

1.     I have two wonderful sisters who love me like I love them.

2.     I know loads of people, who like me for apparently no reason, but just for the way I am, not the one I should be…which is always good for your self-confidence.

3.     I’ll always have that special niche for me whenever I’ll feel down.

Thanks to my sweet Mili, Silvi and Anna.

And it was really nice to meet my new brother in law! He’s nice!


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