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I’m Back!

Hello everyone!

I hope you missed me! I have a nice holiday review for you!

It was nice although tiring! But it’s begun the “Getting experience” part of my life or at least I hope!

What I’m going to do in this post and in the next few ones will be copy what I wrote in my notebook during the travel to and from Italy during the past two weeks.

I thought that maybe rewrite everything would have been nicer and more tidy, but I honestly don’t care, I think it’s more interesting read the first impression of a person when he/she is living an experience.

I’ll tell you first anyway what I’m going to report to let you understand what I’m going to write down… you could feel lost!

I took two holiday weeks in work to go to Italy with the car and bring back to Dublin all my stuff to move in my new house. So I’m going to report here mainly the week I traveled to and from there. Not much of the staying in Italy itself because it wasnt so relaxing or full of happenings anyway!

So, let’s start with the travel!

First excerpt form my notebook is on the way to Italy

1st August 2010

Just because we get lost (obviously my fault!) we’re eating now at The Back Place @ Horan’s in Baltinglass.

It seems coming out from the beginning of 1900 except the ceiling that is pretty new.

The food and the service are very good. I’d like to write a short story for each place we’re going to or we’re passing by. But I suppose that it requires a lot of talent!

Finally we arrived to Rosslare and we took a room in the Harbour View Hotel.

The reception is very welcoming, there is the entrance to the bar on the right and a comfortable wooden living room in front of the desk.

Our room is wide and coloured in blue! That’s make you think of a ship cabin! I love the sea, ships and everything connected with them! Yarrr!

I was really young when I used the ferry and my memories are a bit faded! The window gives on the sea! I cannot wait for tomorrow morning and watch the sea from the window.

(It was dark and I couldn’t see it from where I was)

to be continued….

I know this is just a bit, but no worries the best part has to come!


What do you think about that?

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