The harvest tide project-review

I want to put in this blog a kind of cultural corner, which means I’m going to write very unofficial and inexpert reviews of the books I love most! This section it was meant to be in my serious blog but there was not much room left so I’ll move it here.

I have loads of review already written but I think I’m not going to put them online. I prefer start anew. I’m going to do a page list instead because I want to keep track of the books I’m reading during one year.

Although I was supposed to read very much I’m not doing it for some reason. I love reading, but I find very hard to find a quiet or not quiet moment to open a book. I think it is something that happens from time to time, maybe I’m too busy or too stressed or whatever. But I’m going to fill this gap as soon as I can. I’m going on holiday in a week time so I hope I can read a lot! This means that if I’m lucky I’ll add more titles in the second part of the year!

I’ll start with a book that I’ve just finished and I think it’s awesome: “The harvest tide project” by Oisín McGann. He’s the writer who ran the workshop I followed few months ago and he was great as a teacher, so I thought I wanted to try to read one of his novels. And in writing he’s as great as in teaching. I think that he’s a bit of performer but apparently you need that bit nowadays.

“The harvest tide project” tells us about two kids, two shape changers who end up in a massive trouble just for their curiosity.

Now, I’m not going to spoil the book whatsoever because is too much fun and nice to follow, so you won’t find any information about the plot here! I’m going to give you my impression anyway.

It is of course the typical teen’s book, where the main characters are of their same age, so they can identify with them. Taya and Lorkrin are troublemaker and also “trouble target” if we can give them some justice. There aren’t many characters in this book, we can count them on the fingers, but still each one of them is well characterized and you can see it alive in front of you.

The story starts just with a little act of disobedience by the two siblings but it’ll end up hundred miles from home putting an end to a war.

Along with the two children there are a scent-seller, Hilspeth, a botanist, Shessil and a warrior, Draegar.  In the second half of the book the group is joined by the uncle of the two children Emos in a more active way.

Oisín in his book created a new fantasy world surrounded by a sea of gas, where the special ships float instead of sailing.

And it’s genius; there are loads of small details like the inside of the houses or the description of the clothes or the physical characteristics of a tribe or the gesture typical of certain groups of people that make everything more believable.

You just have to read it because it’s worth it.

Vote: 10 on 10.

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