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I’m still on holiday…am I?!

I have to say that I fully enjoyed my two days off this week! I enjoyed them so much that I didn’t really want to go back in work!

I spent two days with this friend of mine and it was nice because I could visit Dublin as a tourist! Well better for me; when people will ask me some information about what to visit in Dublin I’ll be more prepared!

Still I think I haven’t been so brainless and so stupid and so ridiculous like the majority of the tourists that come every day where I work.

I’ll talk to you later on about the atrocious things that happen in my work place, but I want to ask you few question before:

1.Why do they get up so early in the morning if they’re on holiday?

2.Why do they run all day long (maybe collapsing at the end of the day in a restaurant)?

3.Why do they ask stupid question all the time, like where is the exit in front of an exit sign?

4.Why do they walk like zombies looking around and not in front of them, creating in this way endless queues?

5.why do they ask stupid questions about simple things you’ve just finished to explain?

6.Why don’t they ever understand simple question like “where are you from”?

7.Why do they go in the opposite direction when you’re clearly kicking their asses towards the way they’re supposed to take?

These are only a few questions that I ask myself every day and sometimes every hour, while I’m in work and I’ve honestly tried to find an answer! The only problem is that although you try to give an explanation (actually valid for all the question…you see? For the fist time you have multiple question instead of multiple answers!)you’ll never get the truth! Don’t tell me that the following could be real otherwise it’s better I look on you tube for a video teaching me how to commit hara-kiri! One lesson!

So the possible answers are:

because they’re stupid

because they want to win the zombie awards of the year 2010

because they don’t charge their brain before leaving their country…and when they arrive here they realize that they didn’t bring the adapter/the battery charger

because at the check in at the airport they are asked to leave the brain there…too much liquid

because their neurons are doing a separate holiday

because they  have their heads with them simply because they’re attached to their neck

Do you know what? Whatever answer you choose you’ll get the right one and the wrong one at the same time! But enjoy and good luck!

Tomorrow I bet it will be a wonderful Saturday full of intelligence!! Yippy, lucky me!


2 thoughts on “I’m still on holiday…am I?!

  1. Hahaha, this all sounds so familiar! :-))) Oh yes: when they try to guess where someone’s from assuming that there are only a few countries in Europe?, famous question “where’s the toilet”, when they’re the only ones laughing to their jokes, when they skip huge queue pretending that they didn’t see 20 people behind them…
    I’m having my two days off now, will try to make myself believe that i’m on 2-days holiday. 😉
    Brilliant post Franny! :-))

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