My little brother panda!

It is said that you choose your family. I don’t think it’s just a cliché, I think it’s true. According to this I’m proud to say that I have three siblings: two sisters and one brother. I’ll introduce you them all, sooner or later, but I’ll start today with my brother!

They all live in Italy and I really miss them, but it’s been few days now that I feel particularly nostalgic and the one I miss the most is my wonderful brother! He’s my personal guru and hero and he moved back to Italy to play with his band, the Sound of Soul. He’s a drummer!

Actually I worked two years with him here in Dublin but I feel like I’ve known him for ever (previous lifetime included!) and he’s one of the most important people in my life! It’s thanks to him that I’m writing now, he gave me back my dream!

Today I was shopping around with a friend of mine and I basically saw everything that just remembered him to me! I mean, do you believe in coincidences? I actually do, but I guess that today it was just destiny/fate/karma having serious fun with me! I cannot explain in a different way!

I’ve actually seen drum sets everywhere (I’m not talking about instrument or music shops!), I was offered dark, very dark, chocolate and I saw pandas everywhere! I guess I’ve done something very bad without realizing it because I cannot explain in another way!

What I would like to say is that I love my little brother and I miss him very much! And for the next concert I wish him good luck! You rock!

This is a video of his band