When I’ll be…

It’s funny to witness the changes that happen in the life of human being.

How many times we said “When I’ll be 18….when I’ll be older…when I’ll live alone”? I believe hundred times in our life. Or at least in our living-with-parents-life I would say!

I was thinking about that this morning, cleaning the house for a friend’s arrival.

Now this is very good occasion and my house is gratefully blessing this friend of mine because it needed a real tidy-up and also a cleaning session!

It was hundred times easier when grandma, mum or whoever was hired for the job DID the job!!!

I have to admit now that my full time job, my writing stuff and my not so strong will don’t let me clean or tidy the house like I wish…

I understand that it is better, it is nicer to live in it once the job is done and also it has a good perfume of clean, but still housekeeping is not at the top of my priority list. (Hey I’m not saying I’m living in a garbage dump, but neither in a shiny castle!)

There are people who say that artists should live in the mess, because that’s very good to create! I kind of agree with them because in my mess I can find everything…and let’s be honest I’ve always been messy and lazy, but still it was good for me. And maybe I should consider me lucky, very lucky that my partner doesn’t mind and lets me do whatever I want, and still he does help me rescuing sometimes the couch and let it breathe!

I hope this friend of mine won’t be too disappointed, but believe me, there is a huge difference from before!

I cannot imagine what I’ll do when I’ll have kids! I guess I’ll have to hire someone! So it’s better I work now to become rich and famous….or I could start to play lotto!!!

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