Introducing Dr. Franny

I’m running away from my blog! Too stressing, too tiring, and too reasoning at the back of each post!

The solution I’ve found is to open a new blog!

I’m a writer, folks, so I don’t have any other means of expression if not putting words on paper…or on file…or on whatever let me write!

Of course that doesn’t mean I’m going to delete the other blogs I have, because those are the ones I need to show my work and myself as I writer, but I realized that I needed something more and something different.

A place where express myself with lighter topics, no hurry, no deadlines, loads of grammar errors! I owe the latter to my dear proof-reader who was swimming in my post, reviews, and short stories and so on!

That’s why this blog was born!

I was so concentrated on what I had to do, that I lost completely the first aim of the blog itself: show me as a person, with strong and weak point, with her likes and dislikes! It’s like I’ve lost myself in a way and this is not good.

I thought than, that dethatching this blog form the rest, but not completely because I love too much writing, would help me to find my Mr. Myself and apologise! Most of all I want to tell him that I’m writing this blog for the joy of writing, which is exactly what I should have done in first place! Well, I actually did it, but I ended up stressing me too much and this isn’t good either! So you’ll probably find here nonsense, grammar errors and so on! But welcome to my brain party!

I think that’s that for the moment! And if you think I’m mental it’s fine, probably you’re right, but I’m not dangerous!

I’m just a writer!